Agnihotra and Coronavirus March/April 2020 Satsang | Volume 47 #7 | New Era 77

Coronavirus–How Can Agnihotra Help?

Dr. Ulrich Berk

The problems caused by a worldwide infection of people by this novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 affect everybody. Of course, we all should follow the rules of at least slowing down the spreading of this virus, such as social distancing, washing hands often, etc.

What else can we do? Traditional Vedic Agnihotra is said to purify the atmosphere. Recent research shows:
a) That severity and lethality of Covid-19 is increased in regions with high air pollution1,
b) It seems that coronavirus is being transported by particles of air pollution2.

As we know, Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere. So this indicates that Agnihotra can also be a useful tool to combat coronavirus.

As this virus occurred only recently, we do not have much evidence yet and no scientific study on coronavirus.

Still, there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence which makes it plausible that Agnihotra can help in different ways to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

Agnihotra could help in three different ways:
1) Reducing the probability of getting infected.
2) Reducing preexisting conditions, thus leading to a less severe course of Covid-19.
3) Supporting the body to overcome the infection.

1. Reducing the probability of getting infected
There is a very interesting report indicating that Agnihotra can help to reduce the probability of getting infected by the coronavirus. This was shared by Elisabeth M., a lady living in Madrid. (See Healing with Homa Therapy below.-Ed.) Madrid is the main hotspot of Covid-19 in Spain (and Spain is, besides Italy, the most affected country in Europe). In Madrid alone there are approximately 4000 deaths because of Covid-19!

Elisabeth M. lives in a house together with her partner, and they have subleased one room to someone who runs a much-frequented restaurant in Madrid. Therefore, this man was in contact with many people before the lockdown. He tested positive for coronavirus, so Elisabeth M. and her partner became concerned and got tested also. Both their tests results were negative – although they shared the same kitchen, had meals together, shared the same bathroom, and even had a birthday party some days earlier.

The doctors who did the tests were very surprised, as coronavirus is highly contagious; if you live closely together with an infected person, there is all likelihood that you will also get infected. However, Elisabeth M. performed Agnihotra regularly and also took Agnihotra Ash daily. It seems this has helped her to avoid getting infected!

How is this possible? Let us look at how someone gets infected with coronavirus. It seems there are three main routes:

a) Touching surfaces (such as door handles, etc.); the virus remains on such surfaces for some hours (on metal, ten hours or more, on cloth, approximately six hours).
b) Respiratory droplets in the air created by infected people who cough or sneeze. These droplets stay in the air for only a few minutes; keeping distance normally helps.
c) Mini droplets which remain in the air for several hours

According to Kazuhiro Tateda, President of the Japanese Association for Infectious Disease and Professor, Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Toho University, Tokyo, Japan, the third route of transmission has to be considered.

His team observed micrometer particles with high speed cameras and could show that these particles spread even when people are having conversations or are simply close to each other. Thus, coronavirus could be transmitted even if nobody is coughing or sneezing.

a) We do not know yet whether performing Agnihotra would reduce the number of viruses on surfaces in that room. Some research would be suggested.

About b) and c) – Several experiments done in different research institutes and universities show that the number of bacteria in the air is reduced substantially just performing Agnihotra in a room. Maybe the same would also hold for viruses? It would be very good if this could be tested soon. The evidence regarding reduction of bacterial load in the air is as follows:

Recently, the following experiment was done at Fergusson College, Pune, India.
Medium plates were open in a room before and after Agnihotra, and incubated for 24 hours to grow bacterial colony.



Conclusion: As per results obtained, Agnihotra fumes decrease microbial load in air.

Further experiments were done to see the effects of Agnihotra Ash on bacteria. It could be shown that the virulence of bacteria is reduced by adding Agnihotra Ash:

Loss of capsule formation with klebsiella pneumoniae;

Loss of haemolytic activity with staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumonia;

Decreased resistance to phagocytosis with klebsiella pneumonia, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

These results show that the pathogenic bacteria examined show a reduced virulence when in contact with Agnihotra Ash. (For details see: Pathade/Abhang 2014 and Abhang et al. 2015.)

These results were confirmed by another study done at Palampur Agricultural University, Himachal Pradesh, India (Kumari/Punam 2015). In this study, a comparison was done between the effect of Agnihotra and a normal fire (in which same substances were burnt, also in a copper pyramid, but without the Agnihotra mantras). Agnihotra reduced bacterial count significantly compared to the control fire.

For a replication of this experiment, it is suggested to keep some distance between Agnihotra and control room. In this experiment, the two rooms were next to each other – and Agnihotra may well reduce bacterial growth also in adjacent rooms.

The modus operandi most likely is that the smoke of Agnihotra chelatingly attracts aerosols in the atmosphere and then sink to the ground:

“Pat Flanagan (an American scientist) suggested a physical explanation for the depolluting effect of the Agnihotra smoke, pointing out that its colloidal molecules of ghee and cow manure could chelatingly attract and grab pollutants in the air, the way water is purified by being flocculated. The seized molecules, he added, as they settle on the ground, would alkalize the soil; and if they came into contact with a plant they would stick to the leaves and act as a time-release foliar nutrient. Physically, because of the ghee and the manure, the smoke would be electrically charged.” (Quote from Tompkins/Bird 1989, p. 254)

Same will likely happen with viruses, as they also attach to aerosols in the air.

Negative ions are known as an indicator of fresh and unpolluted air. Agnihotra increases the number of negative ions in the air. Quite astonishingly, normal fires all decrease the negative ion concentration. Maybe this increased level of negative ions can also help to neutralize bacteria and viruses? This could be a very interesting and important study.

We can summarize these points by saying that Agnihotra likely gives you some protection from getting infected by coronavirus, confirming the report mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

2. How will Agnihotra Help People Who Get Infected?
Most people who get Covid-19 only have mild symptoms, no big health issue. But the disease is more serious in certain at risk groups, like with people who have the following pre-existing conditions:
Heart Diseases and high blood pressure
Chronic respiratory disease like asthma
Weakened immune system

Advanced age is often mentioned as one of the risk factors. However, it seems age mainly plays a role because normally the immune system gets weaker with increasing age.

Most people who died from Covid-19 were suffering from one or more of these pre-existing conditions. Agnihotra can help to reduce these pre-existing conditions.

Heart diseases and high blood pressure
Agnihotra helps to brings back blood pressure to normal. A simple experiment was done, checking blood pressure before and after Agnihotra. The result was that blood pressure returned to a normal level by experiencing Agnihotra:


One report on healing of heart disease by Agnihotra by Magda Lopez A. (Lima, Peru):
‘‘My mother was very ill and her electrocardiogram 10 years ago showed that she had a pre-stroke, meaning a part of the heart is dead and cannot recover. In the past 4 years, I was doing Agnihotra irregularly. But in recent months, we have been consistent in doing it daily.Two weeks ago, another electrocardiogram was done and the doctor, when asked about the pre-stroke said, ‘Her heart is perfectly fine and there is no sign of a pre-stroke.’

We were astonished, as the only thing we are doing is practicing Agnihotra and giving her Agnihotra Ash 3-4 times daily.”

Asthma is especially important, as Covid-19 mainly affects our lungs. Agnihotra helps to strengthen our lungs and thus makes the body more resilient against respiratory ailments.

There are many cases reported (see: Two examples:

Donna S. (Santa Clarita, California, USA) writes:
“I was very sick. I went to the top pulmonary specialist at the University of Virginia. He showed me an X-ray of my lungs which were completely black except for a small spot about 4 cm round that was clear. I started doing Agnihora. Within the first week, I stopped taking all my asthma medications and later my steroids.”Three months later I went to the doctor; he took an X-ray of my lungs. He said, ‘I don’t know what you have done, but your lungs are completely clear. You don’t need any of the medication anymore.'”

Fran B. (Wysoka, Poland) writes:
“I suffered chronic asthma from age 11 years. In my early twenties, the condition worsened. Asthma attacks often came late at night and I had to receive breathing treatments and shots of epinephrine at local hospitals. I felt the asthma was pollution-related.

“When I was 25, I began to do Agnihotra daily, sunrise and sunset. After 2 weeks, my asthma was cured. It has not returned and, to this day, some 40 years later, I remain asthma-free.”

Many people were healed from diabetes with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash – see the reports on

Diego Lastro R. (Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America) writes:
“In the beginning of 2019, my prostate tumor markers rose, and every three months I was tested and each exam showed that they had risen at a tremendous speed. The doctor recommended an operation. That is when I learned and began to practice Homa Therapy and the tumor markers are going down.”

Another report is from Lucia Gertrudis P. (Vinces, Ecuador, South America):
“I am 74 years old and I have a lung tumor. I used to have a dry cough, day and night. I could not sleep. All that disappeared with practice of Homa Therapy.”Her doctor explains: “She had something similar to cystic fibrosis of the lungs. She coughed a lot. She could not sleep and suffered from severe pain in her back and in her bones.

Her pain was so intense she was given morphine patches which she no longer needs.”

Weakened immune system
We have seen so many reports of people who got healed from all kinds of different diseases by Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash (see e.g.

This strongly indicates that the immune system of people gets stronger with the help of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash – most important in case of a virus infection. Same was also seen with HIV-positive children in Mysore. See below: 3) Effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the Virus itself).

Stress and anxiety relief
Another important point is the effect of Agnihotra on our minds. It is well established that mental conditions like stress, anxiety, etc. are aggravating factors for all kinds of diseases.
Modalities which are able to lessen the fear, stress and anxiety that affect many amidst the coronavirus pandemic are much needed now.

Thoughts, feelings and will (intention) are functions of the mind. Agnihotra, according to Vedic teachings, attracts, balances and harmonizes PRANA.

Since Prana and mind may be thought of as two sides of the same coin, beneficial changes to Prana cause beneficial changes to mind.

Thus, through the hundreds of testimonials and some studies having to do with changes in mind and mindsets by regular performance of Agnihotra, it can be said without reservation that stress, fear and anxiety are greatly reduced.

Resultant improvement in immune system strength is related and notable.

Results from a study done in Moscow, Russia by Dr. Dmitry Yudin:
“A group of people came for Agnihotra regularly for two weeks. Anxiety and depression were measured before and after that time. A clear reduction in both parameters can be seen.”


Results from the study done at a Medical University in Santiago de Chile , by Dr. Andrea Chavez, Dr. Ernesto Vega:
“Two groups of students were formed with very high stress level. Stress level was measured both by questionnaire and by testing the cortisol level in saliva. Both groups were invited to a Tai Chi lesson. What the participants did not know is that for one of the groups, Agnihotra was performed during this Tai Chi lesson in the adjoining room. All participants got some relief from their stress, but the group where Agnihotra was done next door showed a significantly larger reduction.”

Before Intervention
Questionnaire DASS-21
100% Extremely or severely stressed

Stress – measured by cortisol level in saliva
100% > 14,7 ng/ml
Pre Intervention B: 28,9 ng/ml A: 30,6 ng/ml
Post Intervention B: 17 ng/ml A: 22,4 ng/ml

p< 0,05 p< 0,05
Power 68%

As Agnihotra and use of Agnihotra Ash are powerful tools to remove or at least alleviate all pre-existing conditions of Covid-19, it can be concluded that Agnihotra will help to
to fight a coronavirus infection.

3. Effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the Virus itself
As mentioned at the beginning, we do not have studies on coronavirus itself. But there is a very interesting pilot study on HIV which is also caused by a virus, though of a different variety. HIV-positive children started to perform Agnihotra. Each child performed his or her own Agnihotra. After some time:
a) the viral load decreased significantly
b) the CD-4 protein level increased
c) the general health of all children improved considerably, showing that their immune system improved significantly.

Here is the whole report: 

Pilot study: Effect of Agnihotra on HIV-positive children

A lab test was done checking the effects of Agnihotra Ash on different types of viruses (though not the coronavirus). Agnihotra Ash water was added to the cell lines in which the viruses were produced.

Reduction in virus production was 50%. This may not seem to be very much, but still it could make the difference between a mild and a severe progression of the illness (or between no disease at all and a mild progression).

It could be expected that with other types of viruses, such as the current coronavirus, we could see similar results, as with the HIV virus or the other viruses tested.

4. Conclusion
We do not have direct evidence yet, but based on the reports and deliberations above, it is suggested to perform Agnihotra – best in every household – to provide some protection in this special time of corona crisis.

Also it is suggested to do some scientific research:

a) On Covid-19 patients (like performing Agnihotra for these patients, or letting them perform Agnihotra, if they are able to do so) and see the results.
b) Measure coronavirus concentration in the air of a hospital with Covid-19 patients before and after Agnihotra; also checking virus concentration on surfaces in such a hospital before and after Agnihotra.
c) Testing the effects of both Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the coronavirus in cell lines.
d) As protection of nurses and doctors is such a major issue now, we might propose trials aimed specifically at this group of medical professionals.

5) Footnotes and References

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Webpages: (online timings program, also many scientific articles collected on that page)

Zoom Agnihotra Meetings


The work of spreading and teaching Agnihotra goes on despite changes brought on by the coronavirus. Fivefold Path, Inc. is holding Zoom meetings conducted by a Certified Homa Therapy Teacher, to teach and discuss Agnihotra.

If you would like to join any of these meetings, please email us at, so that we can send you an invitation.  Please state:
–if you are interested in Agnihotra
–if you are new to performing Agnihotra
–if you are performing Agnihotra and seeking more in-depth information about it.
–Your location/time zone

We ask that you please NOT post your invitation on any public forums, to avoid zoombombing during the meeting.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Protecting the Lungs

Rory and Asia Maher
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

When reading novels written a century and more ago, the great preoccupation people had about dressing correctly for the weather, staying out of a draft, taking rest etc. is very noticeable. Sayings like, ‘Watch out or you’ll catch your death of a cold’ come to mind. It seems the general experience was that a simple cold or flu should not be taken lightly, and the fear was that the sickness could go to the lungs.

Modern medicine has certainly lessened our worries, but even today, the only time our children have ever needed medical attention (thankfully!) was when they had a lung infection. Now that we have the coronavirus sweeping through the population, it appears that lung complications are a major concern.

In Homa Therapy Our Last Chance, Shree Vasant writes that herbs growing in Homa atmosphere have greater medicinal properties. Asia and I have worked with herbs for 20 years at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, and actually, it was herbs that brought us together! Shree Vasant encouraged us to combine these herbs with Agnihotra ash powder and these preparations we call Homa Herb Remedies. We focus on traditional folk preparations that anyone can make at home. They are simple, yet potent.

We would like to share with you some remedies for strengthening and protecting the lungs. These could be useful not only during the coronavirus pandemic, but at any time we feel a cold, cough or flu coming along. Of course, you should always  consult a doctor immediately if there is difficulty in breathing or a fever. Also, if you are taking medication you should consult a doctor before using herbs.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic that also has antiviral properties and is very good for the lungs. Here is a simple recipe for Garlic Honey that is taken from our forthcoming Homa Herb book:

Garlic Honey is a wonderful preventative tonic. Garlic has antibiotic properties and honey is antiseptic. It can be taken for colds, coughs, lung problems, and general weakness. Peel 1 whole head of garlic and crush the cloves by pounding them in a mortar and pestle. Then add 2 tablespoons honey and keep pounding until the garlic becomes transparent. Place the garlic honey mixture in a suitable jar and add 250 grams of honey and a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash. As a tonic or preventative, take ½ teaspoon daily, and as a remedy take ½ teaspoon 3 times daily. It can be taken as is, or diluted in warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Add directly to the skin for cuts, bites, and wounds.

You can also add organic Turmeric powder to the mixture, and eating Parsley, which is also high in vitamin C, can lessen the garlic breath smell.

Most of us know about rubbing ghee and Agnihotra ash ointment on the chest and back, but you can also add herbs to the preparation. Thyme is very strengthening and protective for the lungs. Here’s a recipe for making a Thyme Medicated Ghee. There are 2 versions – the traditional Ayurvedic method and the quick European method:

Ayurvedic Medicated Ghee Preparation
Medicated ghee is a popular Ayurvedic preparation. The traditional method is to add 50 grams dried herb (or 100 grams fresh herb) to 800 ml of pure water and bring to a boil. Then simmer until it has reduced to 200 ml (a quarter of its volume). Add 200 grams of organic ghee and continue to simmer gently until all the water has evaporated. Then remove the plant material by passing the mixture through a sieve into a pre-warmed dark glass container. Add 22 grams of Agnihotra ash powder and stir. In this technique both the water soluble and oil soluble properties of the herb are extracted.

Folk Method: There is a European folk tradition of making salves and ointments using lard or butter that can easily be replaced with ghee for better results. This method uses fresh herbs. First, heat ghee in a pot to a liquid and then stir in the finely chopped herb. Simmer gently for 15 minutes and then remove the pot from the heat source, cover and leave overnight. The following day again warm the mixture to a liquid and strain into another pot. Add Agnihotra ash powder in the ratio given by Monika Koch of 9 grams ghee to 1 gram Agnihotra ash. Pour the medicated ghee through a strainer into suitable jars.

You can also add a few drops of Thyme or Oregano essential oils to some Agnihotra Ash Ointment for a very quick and easy chest rub.

Fenugreek Seed Tea is a wonderful remedy to help fight respiratory tract infections, reduce fever, and remove mucus and toxins from the body. To make the tea, gently simmer 1-2 teaspoons per cup of water for 10 minutes. Add a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder per cup. You can improve the flavour with a little lemon juice and sweeten with honey if needed. Drink 3 cups a day.

Steam Inhalation
This is a traditional method for clearing head colds, congested respiratory tracts and sinuses. To make a steam inhalation, pour boiling water into a large pot and add 1-2 tablespoons of the necessary herbs and a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder. Then lean your head over the rising steam and cover both head and pot with a towel. Breathe in deeply through your nose with eyes closed for 10-15 minutes.

Because of the intense heat you may start with your head a certain distance away from the steaming pot and lower it closer as it becomes more bearable. After the treatment, keep your head warm by wrapping the towel around your head. It’s best to wait at least 30 minutes before going outside in cold weather.

Good herbs to use are those with volatile oils such as Thyme, Sage, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Chamomile and Pine Needles. You can also add a tablespoon of sea salt to the inhalation and a few drops of essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Oregano or Pine.

As you can see, many of these remedies above use common household ingredients. Following are some remedies that use herbs that maybe are not so well known to some.

Medicated Honey
If you happen to have Elecampane growing in your garden, you can make a wonderful cough remedy by grating the fresh root into a jar and then covering it with raw honey and adding Agnihotra ash powder. This preserves the herb and the honey will become imbued with the medicinal properties. Make a tea using a teaspoon of the medicated honey to a cup of warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice. You can also use this method with fresh Echinacea root which is antiviral, while Marshmallow root is very soothing for painful coughs.

Flu Tea
Here’s a tea that we make using easily available herbs in our climate for flu. It’s not specifically for the lungs, more an all-round tea:1 part Echinacea
1 part Elderberry
1 part Elderflower
1 part Yarrow
1 part Peppermint
1 part Chamomile

Simmer the Elderberries for 10 mins and then switch off the heat and add all the other herbs plus Agnihotra ash powder. Let steep for 10-15 mins. You can mix the other herbs together and use about 1 tablespoon per cup.

Try to include Elderberry in your mixture, as it has powerful anti-viral properties. Other very good herbs include Lime flowers, Boneset, Catnip, Tulsi, Ginseng, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Ginger and Cayenne. Drink regularly and sip throughout the day. If flu is going around, then the above mixture would also make a good preventative tea.

In times of seasonal change, pay attention to the wild herbs that grow in your area. Often these herbs are good for the lungs. For example, here in Poland, the first herbs that appear after winter are Coltsfoot, Lungwort, and Primrose, and then Wild Garlic. Nature knows what we need, and all these herbs are good for the respiratory tract and the immune system. If you live in the countryside and are doing Agnihotra regularly, then the herbs growing wild have strong medicinal properties. Always identify an herb fully before using and don’t pick from roadsides where cars drive. Also, just harvest the top part of the herb so that it can grow back.

Thank you for this opportunity to share what we hope are some useful tips during these difficult times. Please boost your immune systems by keeping good nutritional diets of Homa or organic foods. Avoid burdening the body with toxic overload from chemically laden and processed foods. If you have to eat conventionally grown foods, remember that some years ago we were advised to soak these vegetables and fruits in Agnihotra Ash Solution for 24 hours before eating them. Avoid white flour and white sugar and at the first sign of any infection, it is advisable to eliminate all dairy products from your diet as they are mucus forming.

Of course, you can always take supplements with Cat’s Claw, Echinacea, and Elderberry, which are all antivirals and boost the immune system. Vitamin C and D are also recommended.

Studies have shown that stress greatly weakens our immune systems and is the cause of a large number of chronic diseases. So, make sure you are getting enough sleep and don’t give in to panic. Practice deep breathing exercises especially at Agnihotra time, which help calm the nervous system, increase lung capacity, and also oxygenate the cells in the body for greater health.

We all know we are protected by performing Agnihotra fire and there have been amazing stories of protection from all around the world. So, let’s not give in to fear, but do add easy and simple Homa Herb Remedies to your arsenal of healing tools.

Thank you!
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus

Lisa Powers
Madison, Virginia, U.S.A.

Parenting has always held its challenges, but family life in the time of coronavirus brings its own unique issues. This is an unprecedented time in known history, when, practically overnight, life has changed drastically for people all over the world. Countless parents are in crisis due to sudden joblessness and financial losses. Food supplies and other necessities are in short supply in many areas. Lockdowns and other restrictions have isolated millions from friends and extended family, and thrown immediate family members together in limited space, with little privacy. For millions more people than before, just keeping a roof over their heads is a struggle.

In the midst of all this upheaval, how can we help our children and have a good family life—at least, as good as is possible under the circumstances?

The following are suggestions to help families cope in these times. Everyone’s situation is different; admittedly, these ideas will not be possible for everyone, but hopefully some will be useful.

It Starts with You
In such uncertain times, it’s normal to feel more stressed and anxious. Learning to manage these feelings will go a long way toward helping your family to cope.

–Children take their cues from the adults around them. If they see you handling the changes fairly well, it sets the stage for them to react calmly, too.

–To whatever extent is possible, take care of your own health and stress management. Agnihotra Ayurvedic healing fire, practiced at sunrise and sunset, is a powerful tool for stress reduction, and can help other household members as well.

–Practice of Pranayama rhythmic breathing exercises after Agnihotra can promote calmness.

–Get regular exercise. It can reduce stress, uplift mood, and boost the immune system.

–Support wellness by eating healthy meals and using herbs and supplements for immune boosting.

–Get proper rest! Getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to help the immune system.

–Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. When so many are suffering worldwide, try to be thankful for every positive thing in your life.

–Uplift your spirit by helping others.

–What helps you to relax? If possible, carve out some time for yourself. Yoga, meditation or enjoyable hobbies can help one to recharge and face the challenges of the day. The adults of the household may need to change their routines and share responsibilities in new ways, to best support each other.

–If you suddenly feel overwhelmed, see if you can take a mini-break by stepping away from the situation and taking some deep breaths, taking a shower, reading from a favorite book, going outside, etc.

–Limit your exposure to the news and social media. Staying informed is sensible, but endlessly reading and watching disturbing stories can feed fears and anxiety.

–Practice forgiveness. With all the changes that virtually everyone has had to face in recent weeks, chances are that you will have to deal with angry, upset or unreasonable people. Remember that not everyone is capable of coping well, and everyone has their bad moments. (Forgive yourself when you react badly, too.)

–If you are a person of faith, now is the time to draw on that faith through prayer, meditation, reading of devotional literature, etc.

–Stay connected to others as best you can, by phone or internet. Keeping in contact with loved ones helps us feel supported, and can be a valuable way to share solutions to everyday problems that have cropped up in these fast-changing times.

Helping Your Children Cope
For countless children, this is a time of great loss—of friends, of activities they looked forward to, and many other things that formed their daily life. Accept your children’s feelings—they are natural—and let them know that you understand if they feel sad.

Young children may not understand what’s going on, but they can still feel upset by changes in the household routine, or by seeing others around them who are distressed.

Maintain Routines
Routines and consistency help children feel a sense of security. Regular wake-up times, mealtimes and bedtimes give structure to the day. If you children’s school is closed and they are home with you, a simple schedule, alternating periods of schoolwork and play, can be calming and make life feel less chaotic. In the morning, it may help to go over the day’s plan together as a family, so everyone knows what to expect.

-Some schools have arranged for distance learning by computer or sending books and other materials home with students.  Myriad websites and online educational activities have popped up in recent weeks to serve children at home. If possible, take advantage of these free resources.

Keep Communication Open Between You and Your Children
Ask your children how they are feeling. Help them label their feelings. Are they worried? Confused? Scared? Angry? Bored?

-If your children want to talk about COVID-19, first find out what they know about it. They may have gotten incorrect information, or may have misunderstood what they heard. A child who is acting out may be reacting to scary news he has encountered.

–Assure your children that in many people, the infection is mild—like a cold or the flu.

–Encourage your children to let you know if they’re not feeling well, so that you can help them. Not every illness or symptom will be COVID-19.

–Tell your children that there are things we can do to help keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, such as frequent hand washing, avoiding touching our faces, and social distancing. Giving your children actions to take to make things better is empowering. By helping reduce the spread of COVID-19, they are helping themselves, their family and the community; value their efforts.

–Praise, praise, praise! These times can be very discouraging for adults and kids alike. Help lift your children’s spirits by giving your kids positive messages about themselves and their good actions. Whenever your children are doing something helpful, be sure to acknowledge it. Talk about their good qualities. That which we “feed” with our attention will grow.

–Focus on the Positive. Talk about some of the positive things that have happened since COVID-19, such as the reduction in air pollution worldwide, and inspiring news stories of people helping their communities.

–Depending on your children’s ages, monitor/limit your children’s exposure to news and media reports about COVID-19.

–Letting school-age children use social media (with supervision) to keep in touch with friends can help them feel supported, as they see that their peers are facing similar struggles, too.

Family Activities
–This time could be an opportunity to explore new family activities: cooking together, playing games, drumming, or passing on skills to your children, such as gardening, sewing, or playing musical instruments. Think about the pastimes you enjoyed as a child, and see if you can do them with your children: arts and crafts, putting on plays, playing board games, etc.

–Use creativity! Drawing, dance, music and other art forms can provide emotional release and a means of self-expression.

–Discuss with your children the uniqueness of this time in history. Suggest that they keep a journal of things that have changed in their lives in recent weeks–their own personal historical record. Journal writing can help kids to process their feelings during these dynamic days.

–Exercise is especially important now, for the whole family. If permitted, outdoor activities could include family walks or riding bikes. Indoors, the internet offers a wide range of exercise programs and routines for various age groups.

Help Others as a Family
–Helping others can help children to feel good about themselves and can inspire gratitude. You might drive together to your local food bank and donate some canned goods or other supplies. Your children could write thank-you notes to hospital workers or delivery personnel. You could bake something together and share it with a neighbor.

Use Humor
–Humor can provide much-needed relief from the stresses and problems of the day. Watch a funny movie or TV show together. Share funny, age-appropriate songs and stories from the internet.

Inspire Hope
Tell your children that people all over the world are working together on COVID-19, and that throughout history mankind has survived countless challenges.

–While COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought great hardship worldwide, it has also caused people to reevaluate their lives and priorities. For example, it has given some an extraordinary
break from the “rat race” of their jobs, freeing up time to spend with family or pursue interests. In families the world over, lockdown measures have awakened interest in gardening, baking from scratch and other aspects of sustainable living. With older children and teens, talk about ways in which these changes are helping to reshape the future in positive ways.

–Activities such as planting a garden (or even a few seeds in pots indoors) can give kids something to look forward to, and help them feel hopeful about the future.

Now is the time to call forth the highest and best in ourselves. With LOVE and compassion, family life can thrive.

Lisa Powers and Parvati Rosen-Bizberg are co-authors of The Fivefold Path Parenting Program.

From The Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Jordanow, Poland

March 10, 2020 Orion on Coronavirus
Yes, yes. Be aware of the trickery that is being foisted upon this planet. There are
negative energetic forces at play here. Be aware. Do not give into the mass
hysteria surrounding the current virus.

While it is now a health risk, no doubt, do not arm yourselves with fear. Fear is a
weapon in the arsenal that is fabricated to destroy and to control. Listen, dear
beings of beloved planet Earth, the Record Keeper of the Universe—pay attention.

Take normal precautions when travelling or in large groups of people. However,
do not fear this latest development.

Arm yourselves with boosted immune systems, with healing modalities. Perform
the Agnihotra fires now, widely. This, most assuredly, will offer you a layer of
protection in times as these.

Take normal precautions, but live in Light, Peace and Harmony.
Those whose souls are attuned to Higher vibrations on their evolutionary course
will survive and thrive.

This is serious business.
This is truth.

March 15, 2020 Orion on Hope Rising
Yes, yes. All we told before is applicable to the present time.

The crises on this planet have precipitated a crucial imbalance in all of Nature,
including human beings, animals, soil, water, air and the plant kingdom. Thus,
when Nature is out of balance, a defiant Mother Earth will gather all her power in
a protective bid to save and secure her multitude of species in existence upon her
ground. Her sacred ground.

Dear ones, such imbalance of Nature requires no proven conspiracy theory. No
doubt mischief is often afoot, but when Nature is weakened, resources strained
and threatened, a state of uncertainty is created. For humans are not separate
from Nature, though they assume an unnatural power over her. Even in times of
great ecological and medical crises, Nature is still more powerful than humankind.
Therefore, strive to live in harmony with Nature. Protect your resources, nurture
your lands and waterways.

Individually, even on your single plot of land, create harmony amongst the
species and elements in existence there. Honor and respect the great and noble
Animal Kingdom.

One human being living in harmony on this Earth does have a profound effect on
the whole.


As one power, in Light.
Light shall indeed dispel the darkness.

Curate hope and plant the seeds of kindness, forgiveness and a deep abiding love
in your children. They are the hope of the future.

Do not be defeated.Let your voices rise together amidst the deafening roar of Nature as She rises.

You are not alone,
We are with you.

March 29, 2020 Orion on Staying Indoors and Going Within
Yes, yes. The beings of planet Earth are being mobilized and in a state of alert
against a force outside their control. That state of increased awareness can go in
two ways. It can become a state of paranoia, fueling the crisis and exacerbating
efforts to avert it, resulting in pandemonium. Or, it can be a lesson supreme in
simplifying one’s life, in learning to rely upon one’s instincts and honing one’s
abilities, to become more self-sufficient and centered within.

This crisis is likely to produce both extremes, with those falling in between the
two taking the middle road, thus not really progressing, but remaining teetering
on the fence of neutrality, pretending it is the safest way.

This is the shift we had predicted, one which all the Ancients have pointed to
for this era. Decidedly radical in its development, there are those who will spend
their days finding conspiracies behind conspiracies to explain the dilemma facing
society today. However, this is a global pandemic, one with many implications and
an ultimately positive outcome, from an evolutionary standpoint.

Now, for those of you whose focus is to turn within for direction, this is the
opportunity for fast growth and development, which is precipitated by the actual
regulation that one must ‘stay indoors.’ Those whose awareness is peaking at this
point realize this is a blatant message from higher powers than the authorities
who issue the proclamations, that ‘The only way out is IN.’ Yes, go IN.

March 23, 2020 Vision and Voice
(In meditation tonight, I went to my sacred ‘Cave of Illumination.’
I heard female voices calling me to come. We went to the valley by the river,
where I have visited many times in meditation, and up the hill into the small
magical cave carved into the rocks.)

I heard:
There is a deep cave beneath the surface exactly where you are now.
Underneath there are healing energies emanating to sustain and heal you. You
are safe here.

Yes, my beloved, this sacred place where you now reside is blessed and hallowed
ground. We know it well, as it is deeply connected at its roots to ancient lands
from which we hail. You will realize from whence you have come one day, though
this is not necessary at this time. Beloved, LISTEN NOW.

This is a highly charged atmosphere where you now live, due to the many healing
fires that are performed here and the energies below the surface which resonate
both with the fire energy and with ancient underground tunnels which form a
network beneath your feet. These tunnels are at different levels, some very deep
underground, others on a higher level, also beneath the ground, corresponding
with leylines often misunderstood. Indeed, intellectual understanding often leads
one to false assumptions, errant opinions and closing an otherwise fascinating
book of miracles. Never make assumptions, beloved. Nothing is as it appears.

Do not be concerned about the outward turn of events. In part it is orchestrated
by a network of highly placed officials and lower minded cohorts employed to
create chaos. The virus itself will pass, though not before reaching its potential.
This is no accident. Be aware.

However, to attempt to ascertain the who’s, the why’s or the wherefores, will be a
waste of time and intelligent efforts. This is most assuredly part of Divine plan,
though not created or masterminded by Higher forces. Divine can make use of
any such catastrophe or series of catastrophes, man or otherwise made, to serve
the highest good of all. And this, dear ones, should be your focus!

We so enjoy the refreshing saying, “The only way out is IN.” It has never held as
much merit and truth as it does at the present moment. Do not be discouraged.
We know this will actually be removed and a Light will arise in time of need. Be
not afraid.

You are not alone, neither on this planet nor on this hill!
Blessings abound
We are one.

March 24, 2020 (In healing prayers, I experienced a magnificent Divine
Feminine Presence and heard her speak.)My beloved, my beloved. Do not let fear into your heart and most definitely not
into your mind.

Indeed, there is truth in nearly all the prominent theories being touted today. The
conspiracy is real. That Nature is stretched to her maximum is also truth. All the
culprits have been named, and there are the nameless ones of lesser notoriety
who even pull more complex strings than those the public knows well.

However, one cannot disarm the enemy using the enemy’s own tools. One must go
deeper and become absolutely seamless in one’s efforts to raise the
consciousness of one’s own potential. One must attend to his or her own
awareness before beginning to even realize that the power lies in Unity–and then
one takes one’s place in the line of Light. There is no other way than to raise the
consciousness of the masses.

The energetic broadcast of millions in prayer, in healing practices, in chanting,
in creating music from their souls, in loving, in acts of kindness great and
small, will finally reach the tipping point and herald the New Dawn.

And it will come not by intellectual prowess and combative techniques. It will be
strengthened by your own individual practices, in your own chants and prayers in
the multitude of your hearts and the myriad of languages–all calling out for Love
to reign supreme.

Light shall overcome the darkness.
Do not give in to fear.
Put all your energies into that which makes your hearts unite and sing with
Do all with conscious intent to heal.

Blessings do abound, truly,
One. One. One. One. One we are.

And yes, dear one, just as those of the negative dark energetic masses work in
cahoots with each other, all Divine Presence on this planet or beyond work
together to spread Light, Love, Hope and Harmony amongst you.

When you pray, many ears hear your voices as One.

For further information:

Homa Fire in the Classroom

Maria Broom
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Maria Broom, left, shares Homa fire with her students.

Truly by Grace alone, I have been able to begin every class I teach with Homa fire, in public and in private school. Countless students have learned and remember all the Sanskrit words in the Vyahruti mantra… Bhooh Swaha, Agnaye Idam Na Mama, etc.

At the Baltimore School for the Arts where I’ve taught storytelling and dance for 25 years in the theater department, the hallway outside my classroom is filled with the incense-like smell of Homa at least four to five times a week. The students love it. It’s the only class they have throughout their high school years where they get to rest their minds and briefly experience stillness.

In all honesty, it’s a blessing for me to be able to do the fire with every group of children and young people I work with, and to even incorporate it in most of my performances and adult dance classes.
Students enjoying one of Maria’s dance classes.

For over a month, public schools have been closed and after what was considered Spring Break, it was decided that we teachers should explore ‘Distance Learning’ during the pandemic. This meant navigating a school-wide internet program that would allow us to connect with all of our students on their computers or phones. To me, this seemed a little daunting. But the head of my department reached out to me and requested specifically that I consider offering my class, complete with Homa fire, to not only my dance and storytelling students, but to all the students in the department.

And so, I fumbled my way through all the technical instructions and invited 140 students, one by one, to attend my online classes. I set up the pyramid for the fire, cued the music and at the appointed time clicked on the camera and microphone and greeted all the young people. I lit the fire and even without me being able to hear them, they all chanted the mantra, sitting in their homes in front of their computers and phones.

I led them through a gently guided meditation so they could release some of their worries and anxiety, and open their hearts to send out love to help the planet, the animals, their families and people around the world.

It was a success, both the morning and the afternoon classes. And the students were so grateful. Even the head of the department joined in saying how much she needed the calming vibration. Unexpectedly, she gave me a shout out in one of her posts on FaceBook, which in turn inspired other teachers to ask if this class could be offered to the entire school.

That evening, sitting alone, resting and quiet during evening Agnihotra, the two classes replayed in my mind and I burst into tears, a bit overwhelmed. I became so aware of how Shree, how the Divine, can use us in the most unusual ways when we least expect it. All we have to do is be willing. Blessings for all ‘Keepers of the Fire.’

Healing with Homa Therapy

Elizabeth Mena
Madrid, Spain
I want to tell you about my experience with the coronavirus. Here in Madrid, the situation is quite severe. Many are infected and my roommate also got infected. My boyfriend and I spent more than a week living with him (not knowing he was infected). We didn’t hug, but we did eat at the same table and we were using the same things. He did the test and we waited 5 or 6 days to do the test. That’s what they say–you have to wait for the analysis to be correct.

Well, everyone told us that we would also be infected because it is a super-contagious virus. And the truth is that my boyfriend and I turned out to be negative.

And the truth is that the doctors could not explain this.

And I suppose this was also due to a very strong immune system, for we have an anti-inflammatory diet, and especially, I think, due to the protection of Agnihotra.

So, I am sending this message of hope to all the Agnihotris – that “We are Protected.”
Om Shree!

Daniela, with Dr. Jorge Torres in the background.

Daniela Carolina Calderón
EsSalud Paul Nogier Primary Care Center
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, North Lima, Peru, South America
I’m 14. I came to Dr. Torres due to some problems I had at school. There I was referred to a psychologist. I was in 3 or 4 therapies with him, when the doctor invited us to Homa Therapy, because that was going to help us. So, with my mom we started to come.

I was too shy to speak in front of people. I’m not the one who likes to do presentations and science exhibitions in front of the classroom or at school. I was super quiet in the classroom. I screamed a lot and got mad very quickly. I am emotionally too sensitive. For two years, I had been crying a lot about anything. Anything made me explode.

After I started drinking the water with Agnihotra ash, I was able to talk to more people. I can deal with more people and I improved in my studies a lot. My grades started to go up, from 12 to 15 on an average. And I started to focus a little better and to memorize better.

Before, I did not communicate with my family. I only spoke with my friends. Now I talk more with my mom, with my cousin. I can express myself better because I have more confidence and I feel more secure.

Her mother, Mercedes Calderon, confirms:
My daughter is more communicative, more confident, and her mood has changed. Before, she was sad and had sudden mood changes. Now, she is happier. She is calmer. She is at ease, and she is more responsible.

From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

(The following quotations appeared in Satsang before 1994.-Ed.)

On Diseases
There will be a host of new diseases coming. It will astonish scientists, doctors. These diseases will be something no one has seen before. Medical technology will be at a loss for cures for such diseases. It is already of concern. It is already happening, not just here, but the whole world, all countries.

On Agnihotra Ash
Agnihotra ash offers a viable solution, a cure to such things as skin irritations of unknown causes, internal disorder, etc. Agnihotra ash taken twice daily acts as a preventing medicine and has a superb effect on the entire system. (In later years, Shree Vasant recommended taking Agnihotra ash three times daily.-Ed.)

On Averting Destruction
Total destruction can be averted. Man can recover what has been lost. He need not lose all. We must approach this tense situation with all understanding and love for mankind. At the same time we must be strictly scientific in administration of solution.

Agnihotra is ancient science. It is not a meditation. It is not religion. Anyone can apply it to daily life and still continue following his own religion and cultural customs and beliefs. Work is nonstop now.

Fivefold Path for Happy Living

1. Yajnya
HOMA Therapy is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of FIRE. AGNIHOTRA HOMA (YAJNYA) is the basic HOMA. It is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset and gives nutrients to the plant kingdom, removes diseases in a certain area and removes tension on the mind. This is the basic process in the sciences of medicine, agriculture, climate engineering and interplanetary communication.
2. Daan
Sharing of your assets in a spirit of humility. This corrects imbalance in financial matters and creates non-attachment to worldly possessions.
3. Tapa
Self-discipline of body and mind. This is conducive to a change in attitudes of mind and body. It results in a harmonious state of mind.
4. Karma
“You reap as you sow.” Always practicing good Karma (actions) diminishes the burden of negative Karma and one begins to invest in his own future. This means that what you do today will bring its fruits. Sowing seeds of love and kindness will bless my garden with plenty of love. Do Karma for self purification.
5. Swadhyaya
Practice Swadhyaya (Self-study) for liberation. Who am I? Why am I here? My work on this planet is to learn to react with total LOVE with each opportunity given to me.
This is the Fivefold Path for happy living on the planet. By practicing the Fivefold Path you become better members of your society, group, religion, community, etc.

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