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Agnihotra Pyramids-the Scientific Meaning March/April 2024 Satsang | Volume 51 #7 | New Era 81

There has been some confusion about which pyramids can be used for the Agnihotra
process, as there are some pyramids on the market which differ in size, shape and/or
material from the Agnihotra pyramids which we have been using for decades now.
As this Agnihotra copper pyramid is an essential element of Agnihotra, this is an
important subject. Let us look into it in more detail.

Tapovan and Yajnya Updates May 2023 Satsang | Volume 51 #1 | New Era 80

On March 25th, 2023 we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of 24 hour Yajnya in Tapovan.
It is a great achievement and hearty congratulations to all who have contributed, whether it be by giving their time to perform the Yajnya in shifts, or financial support or any other support which has been given over the many years.