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Agnihotra-Questions and Answers

Ed. Q. How do people use Agnihotra ash for healing? A. People all over the world use Agnihotra ash to make home remedies. Many people have shared their experiences on Monika Koch, a German pharmacist, has written a book which tells how to make these home remedies. It is available …

Agnihotra Zoom Meetings

Ed. The work of spreading and teaching Agnihotra goes on despite the coronavirus. For over a year, Fivefold Path, Inc. has held monthly Zoom meetings conducted by Certified Homa Therapy Teachers, to teach and discuss Agnihotra. The meetings start with a slide show of in-depth information on Agnihotra. A question-and-answer …

When Not to Perform Agnihotra

(from Homa Therapy Teacher Certification information) Vedic knowledge states that a purified energy field is created around Homa fires. This energy field can be influenced by the energy fields of people who are near the fire.  To preserve the purity of this subtle energy field of the Agnihotra fire, we …

Shape of Agnihotra Pyramid

The shape of the Agnihotra pyramid should not be interfered with. Now we have to be more subtle with YAJNYA. Time is crucial. Times are desperate. In order to get the optimum effect from Agnihotra, the shape of the pyramid should be intact.

→ March 22, 2015