Samatva Project

Sarvajit Paranjpe
Maheshwar, India

Sarvajit Paranjpe (in green shirt) shows the Samatva site to architects from WhiteSpace, and staff and students from Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women.

In Maheshwar, India, a bold, new project is being developed, known as “Samatva”. It was conceived as a novel approach to bring the Words and Message of SHREE and Fivefold Path to a broader, more public audience.

Since Shree Vasant established Homa Therapy Goshala, under the direction of Fivefold Path Mission, increasing numbers of people have visited and participated in very auspicious and powerful events at Homa Therapy Goshala. Most notable have been the magnificent, ancient Vedic Yajnya renderings. [This includes a series of 7 Somayags, which were conducted at the Goshala, from 2007-2017.-Ed.]

A more consistent feature has been the regular flow of pilgrims and seekers who continue to visit, seeking to immerse themselves in the relaxing, yet charged atmosphere, and partaking in devotional activities.

Ancient Maheshwar continues to attract increasing throngs of pilgrims and tourists attracted by auspicious, spiritual and historic settlements, including: the ancient Fort and town center,  several ashrams, and a sprinkling of small towns and villages distributed along the banks of the holy Narmada River.

It can be said that one constant is “change”! So, too, for Maheshwar.

The narrow road approaching the center is not able to sustain the visitors coming to satisfy curiosity or share the blissful message.

There has always loomed the question: how to advance the Mission? to carry the Message to another level? To reach more people? The answer became clear.

A tract of former farmland, situated on a hill overlooking the busy thoroughfare, (yet situated a short distance from the Goshala) was committed for purchase. The land was purchased on 17th May, 2023, so a new center can be established. The new center will be called Samatva

Samatva means Equanimity. Sama means Equal. It means Even-mindedness. It is to see the Oneness in Diversity/Multiplicity. Samatva is to see the Ultimate Truth of One undivided Consciousness appearing as the Diverse World. It is the essence of all the different paths of Yoga, all the ways to achieve Self-realization.

Only through even-mindedness towards all things in our life can we be calm. Through the calm state of mind, we can be more reflective and meditative.

Our mind constantly undergoes excitement (ups), misery (down), and agitation (fluctuations), depending on life’s situations we face, to our liking or disliking. An attitude of SAMATVA helps us transform this slavery into mastery, by cultivating the ‘Even Minded Yoga Attitude’.

Homa Therapy Goshala, the final revered residence of our very dear Shree Vasant Paranjpe, powerful venue of the mighty Vedic Yajnyas experienced by many of us, will continue to attract and accommodate pilgrims, students, and spiritual seekers.

Samatva will provide respite, education/spiritual engagement, and inspiration for a larger, more transient population that will include tourists, business and commercial travelers, and curiosity seekers, plus an annual population of spiritual seekers who circumambulate the holy River Narmada.

Architects from WhiteSpace of Pune and professors and students from Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women, Pune (of ‘Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sansthan [Great Saint Karve’s Women Education Organisation]) visited the site in September 2023. They will design our new center. The college will be taking this project as Community Service.

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