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Agnihotra in Cusco, Peru November/December 2020 Satsang | Volume 48 #5 | New Era 77

I am Jens Laurits Soerensen, and I have lived in Cusco, Peru for 16 years. I have done Homa Therapy for 21 years. Last year I went to Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in Poland and became a Certified Homa Therapy teacher.
I have my clinic in Cusco where I do cupping and work with homeopathic medicine. I do workshops on Homa Therapy and every sunset I do Agnihotra in my clinic. Many people participate in the workshops and some start doing Agnihotra after the workshop.

Agnihotra-Homa Therapy International Online Seminar June 2020 Satsang | Volume 48 #2 | New Era 77

At the initiative of Reiki Vidya Niketan, in conjunction with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Homa Therapie (German Association of Homa Therapy) and Fundacja Terapia Homa (Homa Therapy Foundation, Poland)  a 4-day online seminar was held from June 12-15th, 2020. An international group of Certified Homa Therapy Teachers spoke on a wide range of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy aspects.

Agnihotra and Coronavirus March/April 2020 Satsang | Volume 47 #7 | New Era 77

As we know, Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere. So this indicates that Agnihotra can also be a useful tool to combat coronavirus.
As this virus occurred only recently, we do not have much evidence yet and no scientific study on coronavirus.
Still, there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence which makes it plausible that Agnihotra can help in different ways to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

Centre of Light Update January/February Satsang 2020 | Volume 47 #6 | New Era 77

We wanted to take this opportunity to keep you updated on the progress of the Centre of Light.
We are happy to tell you that in late autumn, we completed the basement exterior walls and new windows were installed on the ground floor. We now have to get the basement windows, balcony doors and front entranceway. Then, the much-anticipated interior work can begin!