Agnihotra-Homa Therapy International Online Seminar June 2020 Satsang | Volume 48 #2 | New Era 77

Agnihotra-Homa Therapy International Online Seminar


At the initiative of Reiki Vidya Niketan, in conjunction with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Homa Therapie (German Association of Homa Therapy) and Fundacja Terapia Homa (Homa Therapy Foundation, Poland)  a 4-day online seminar was held from June 12-15th, 2020. An international group of Certified Homa Therapy Teachers spoke on a wide range of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy aspects. Presentations were scheduled for 2 hours per day. Attendance ranged from 200-340 persons daily.

The program was as follows:
Friday, June 12th
Program 1–Basic Class on Agnihotra by Thomas Couto and Lisa Powers, USA
Program 2–Effects of Agnihotra on our Environment, Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra by Dr. Ulrich Berk, Germany

Saturday, June 13th
Program 3–Healing with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash by Monica Koch, Germany and Abel Hernandez, Peru
Program 4–Homa Organic Farming: Total Eradication of Poverty by Bruce Johnson, Australia and India

Saturday, June 14th
Program 5–Children, Our Hope for the Future: How Agnihotra and Fivefold Path Help Children Cope with the World of Today by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg, USA and Poland
Program 6–Creating Homa  Communities and Spiritual Ecology by Jaroslaw Bizberg and Parvati Rosen-Bizberg, Poland

Sunday, June 15th
Homa Psychotherapy and Homa Therapy Mind Training Program: Train the Mind to React with Love by Dr. Barry Rathner, USA and Poland
Environmental Protection and Enhancement in a Compromised World, Question and Answer Session by Lee Ringma, Australia

Deepest thanks to Ajit Telang (Ajit Sir), Reiki Master, founder and facilitator of Reiki Vidya Niketan, for giving our Homa Therapy teachers this wonderful opportunity to share the Vedic knowledge of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy with a wider audience. Thanks also to Ajit Sir’s technical team who managed the online platform of the program, and to Krupa Choksi for her excellent job as moderator.

Zoom Agnihotra Meetings


The work of spreading and teaching Agnihotra goes on despite changes brought on by the coronavirus. Fivefold Path, Inc. is holding Zoom meetings conducted by a Certified Homa Therapy Teacher, to teach and discuss Agnihotra.

Usually the meetings begin 40 minutes before evening Agnihotra time in Virginia (Eastern Daylight Time). Occasionally, a meeting may be scheduled around morning Agnihotra EDT.

We encourage longtime Agnihotra practitioners, as well as newcomers, to join us. Those who learned Agnihotra many years ago may not have learned some of the details and refinements that Shree Vasant Paranjpe taught during the later years of his life. Besides, we’d like to meet you!

If you would like to join any of these meetings, please email, so that we can send you an invitation.  Please state:
–if you are interested in Agnihotra
–if you are new to performing Agnihotra
–if you are performing Agnihotra and seeking more in-depth information about it.
–Your location/time zone
–Days of the week when you could participate

We ask that you please NOT post your invitation on any public forums, to avoid zoombombing during the meeting.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Openings for New Residents at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

Suwindi Kadir
Jordnow, Poland

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya is expanding!

Our Ecovillage in the foothills of Southern Poland mountains has some openings for new residents.

We have a very beautiful family home with an attached, octagonal studio on adjoining grounds of our Ecovillage. We are looking for a family, couple or a group of people interested in time share or buying this lovely property.

Various options are:
*buying the house and studio
*joining a group on a timeshare basis (for example, 3 couples, each using the property 4 months a year)
*dividing up the facilities whereby each couple or family purchases 1/2 or 1/3, for example

There may be other creative choices.

Obviously, it would be best if those people would be committed Agnihotra practitioners and interested in being active members of our Ecovillage community.

It is an opportunity to join us here in the only Homa Intentional International Ecovillage in the world.

As the Centre of Light is being completed, there will also be numerous opportunities for employment in the not-too-distant future.

You can find out more about Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya by visiting our website:

If you are interested in this property, please write to us at: and we can answer any questions or discuss possibilities.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

About the house:

-Large, wooden house with separate octagon music studio, in our Ecovillage. Plenty of natural light!


It’s a lovely place with a history of Agnihotra fires having been performed there over many years.

-Upstairs: 3 bedrooms. Full bathroom with large bath. The master bedroom has a balcony overlooking the forest and Tatra Mountains.,

Downstairs: 1 bedroom, bathroom, large, open living/dining room, kitchen & small meditation room. Laundry area.

-Full basement.

-Cozy Yajnya room off of the vestibule

-2 large balconies facing forest. The top balcony has views of the Tatras.

Very peaceful location, away from the road. Beautiful.

The place is heated with a wood stove and has the possibility to be changed over to solar heating.

Selling at a great price!

With Warm Wishes from all of us here at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

Cowdung Supplies–Can You Help?


Since COVID-19 erupted in the U.S., there has been a marked increase in the number of people wanting to start or re-start Agnihotra in this country and abroad. While this is great news, maintaining enough dried cowdung for those who want it has been a great challenge for some U.S. suppliers.

For those suppliers who dry their own cowdung, production is affected by weather. The East Coast has had considerable rain over the last few months, hampering the process for East Coast producers.

Suppliers who source their product from India have also struggled this year. Due to COVID-19, shipments which were ready for transport have been stalled for months, as Customs was shut down during India’s lockdown.

The pandemic also brought another issue into play for online cowdung sales. USPS, UPS and FedEx all experienced significant delivery delays in the early weeks of coronavirus, thus delaying the delivery of Agnihotra supplies.

Decades ago, Shree Vasant warned of coming disasters and diseases, and urged Agnihotris to work toward self-sufficiency. He recommended storing six months’ worth of food and necessary supplies, including Agnihotra supplies.

If you have access to cows, and if climate and space permit, it may be wise to try drying your own cowdung. Richard Powers of will be happy to advise you. Please contact him at for more information.

More sources of dried cowdung are needed in the U.S. If you would be interested in producing enough to sell to others, please contact Richard Powers to explore this possibility. It could be a great service as well as a source of added income.

From The Orion Transmissions

Received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Jordanow, Poland

June 18, 2020 Orion: Removing Seeds of Prejudice
Yes, yes, yes. Indeed, these are the times we have foretold, although perhaps sooner rather than later. There has been an upsurge of crimes against humanity including, though not limited to, unjust attacks on human beings of color. This has no place in the world today. The pitting of brother against brother, sister against sister is an unconscionable act of divisive politics in this case, and a stirring of the pot of racism and exploitation that cannot be contained. We are aware of the divisive nature of current political regimes in various countries, led no doubt by the ‘great’ “United” States.

We urge all of you to remove any seeds of prejudice in your own hearts and minds. Make deliberate and careful inventory of your interior to make absolutely certain those seeds do not exist and thus, do not take hold. The teachings of your elders and their elders can come in nicely packaged offerings, so do not be deceived. The proof of one’s equanimity and equality is in their actions. Words are previews—actions are heard louder and clearer than one’s words.

We have seen the rise and fall of great nations. It is not impossible that the greatest nation in history could be brought to its knees, and that the civil liberties and civil rights of a people can make or break this country, USA. Be aware and beware. This is no easily surmounted obstacle to world peace. It runs deep and shall only survive if it is uprooted, as and where it grows.

Prejudice is a disease that, once rooted in one’s inner soil, one’s individual inner landscape, is difficult to remove. It takes absolute focus and steadfast effort to rise above it.  But without releasing the roots of the disease, it cannot be truly eradicated.

Blessings. OM.

June 20, 2020 Orion: Change is Overdue
Yes, yes. These are grave times on this planet now. Do not expect a return to what was deemed ‘normal’ in months or even years past. There is no return to that and, though a period of uncertainty can lead the populace into confusion as to what is and what is not real, what is and what is not clear information—the main point is that there is a change now occurring on the deepest, most cellular level for the entire planet.

It can be said that the change is from the roots upward. As we see, in regard to racial injustice, the very roots of the culture into which people of foreign lands and other worlds were thrown, are themselves weak and diseased. The roots of injustice are weakened, and this can make a complete overhaul possible. It is long overdue, as many are realizing. However, this change does come with a price.

If we steer the ship of change in the direction of a new Unity, tempered with Love, and in the direction of Truth, the change so desperately called for can be lasting. A cycle can come to an end and a new beginning can dawn.

Guard against anger, and strengthen your hearts with faith, forcibly rejecting the temptation to fall into familiar fear and rage. Walk in Light, but with the fierceness of the lion, with the measured step of a warrior of Peace.

In these times, we see a chilling example of the darkness that exists in the world. Let us not become too enamored with the terror. That is become vigilant, aware. Become protectors of those who may be more mired in fear. Those who have been awakened to the Higher Truth, be spokesmen and women to assist the youth of today in their walk into a future, with more Grace.

You are aware of who you are, those of you who are considered the leaders of tomorrow’s leaders. They are needing your patient guidance and you walking the truth you have for so long held dear.

Now, lead. Now, take the lead. Answer the call!

On every level, change is due, overdue. In ecological reform, it is absolutely time to shift the reins of power to those who would protect and defend Mother Nature from the hands of greed, the demonic destruction of natural habitats and the very structure of the Earth, the very roots of the Earth. Be aware. Be prepared. Be ready.

Take the lead. Answer the call!

Do not shirk your responsibilities as today’s carriers of Truth. There is no time like this very moment to act. And act with purpose, with certainty and with Unity. Let all the voices of Truth ring out as One Voice. For indeed, this is the end of one way and the very beginning of the new.

Awaken. Walk in Light.


For further information:

Healing with Homa Therapy

Maria Ines Nuñez Temple
Lima, Perú, South America

I learned about Homa Therapy in 1999, when Aleta and Abel first arrived in the city of Piura; I was 11 years old. Since that time, I did it with my mother. However, due to life’s circumstances, I stopped doing the Homa Fires and moved to another city. Today, 20 years later, I have taken it up again, thanks again to my mom.

I am pregnant with my second baby and before resuming Homa Therapy, I felt very tired and annoyed. I just wanted to remain lying down. I felt anguish and anxiety. At night, it was hard for me to fall asleep, or I woke up too early.

Since I have resumed the practice of Agnihotra, at sunrise and at sunset, I feel totally different. The anguish and anxiety have disappeared. I feel calm, and can think lucidly and make decisions. The tiredness I felt, I have no longer. Even my two-year-old son has been sleeping continuously during the night since I resumed the practice of the Homa Fires.

Pedro Segundo Coveña Chávez
President of the Farmers Community of Castilla
President of the Regional Agrarian Federation of the Dept. Piura and Tumbes
Piura, Peru, South America

We have been practicing Homa Therapy here in our location. And it is well known that the Farmers Community of Castilla was synonymous with conflicts and lawsuits. Here, there had always been confrontations.

When we began to practice Homa Therapy, we began to experience tranquility and peace. Each assembly we have now is like a family reunion. Finally, in 2019, we managed to purchase a large caterpillar tractor (CAT 950). It is a product of our own effort, bought with our own money. This is for us a clear demonstration that this environment is purified and improved, for people are calmer. They no longer unite to debate, but to give ideas to promote the common development.

That is why we are very happy, because our institution is developing rapidly in a short time.
Although there are opposing forces that have tried to disrupt us, thanks to God and to Homa Therapy, we have managed to bring everyone together, to come to an agreement of support. So, the “bad” people are reduced in numbers and in the end, they join us. That is what we are seeing and achieving in a relatively short time.

On a personal level, I can tell you that before I was more tense, more worried. I hid from people because there was a lot of trouble. Now, I have the tranquility and the strength that everything is working and going well, thanks to Homa Therapy.

Enrique Appel
Encarnación, Paraguay, South America

I am 63 years old. I had very severe fungus infection on my feet and warts on my arms. With doing Homa Therapy, all has gone; it is incredible and powerful. That happened with the first time doing Agnihotra and I had been suffering with foot fungus for about 10 years. I had gone to specialists, dermatologists, etc. I tried everything there was. And just by doing Agnihotra and taking its ashes this has happened. I take the Agnihotra ash in the morning with my mate tea. I put the herbs and the Agnihotra ash and then the hot water.

The practice of Agnihotra has also helped me emotionally and in the relationship with my daughters.

Agnihotra practice is a blessing for the house and it is the help that people need now in order to return to natural ways.

I thank you for bringing Homa Therapy to our country and we are going to expand it.

From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

On Pranayama and Hatha Yoga
Pranayama greatly affects the mind now, especially when it is done in the period immediately following Agnihotra in that atmosphere where the fire is still ablaze. It helps strengthen the mind, the power of discrimination. It does this noticeably and immediately if done regularly and with concentration. It is healing to the body and especially to the mind and one may find effects like a “high” if practiced correctly with concentration and intensity. Pranayama becomes extremely important, extremely beneficial from now. Also some Hatha yoga could be done by everyone. Not much is necessary, just enough to keep the body supple.

Importance of Yajnya
The principles of life must be restarted now on this earth. All life must be made aware that Yajnya is necessary to survive. We withdraw nutrients from the environment; they must somehow be replaced. Yajnya is the means.

The earth is wasting away. Yajnya is the only way to save it.

On the Agnihotra pyramid
During Agnihotra much of the energy is expelled upward and somewhat to the East. If one is ill, one should ideally sit close to the pyramid and face West [opposite the one performing Agnihotra–Ed.].

One should leave the ash in the Agnihotra pyramid until the next Agnihotra. If one can deal with discipline, only the right hand should be used in removing the ash from the pyramid and only with Mantra or proper thought.

The Agnihotra pyramid need not be mishandled. No need to bang it against another object. It also has not to be thoroughly cleaned like by scrubbing or such thing. THE IDEA IS TO TRY TO KEEP THE AGNIHOTRA PYRAMID SHAPE INTACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

On Destruction and Healing  (from August 21, 1980 Satsang)
World is in for a big shock. This is just the beginning. Now people are aware but it is nearly too late. Much has been done in violation of natural law and now what is to come is what has already been sown.

There is much distress now everywhere. We must concentrate on all avenues of HEALING. Agnihotra, Yajnya, Hatha Yoga, meditation, then all types of healing, herbal healing above all. Let us not concentrate on the negative aspects. Even in a world such as this one, we must look to the positive, how to heal rather than how sick it is.

We are nearing an age when much destruction will predominate our thoughts, all our actions and words. We must give ourselves to the task of spreading love throughout the planet. Let us not be short-tempered. Let us not be thoughtless of the next person.

Now we must endure certain inconveniences which will be a direct result of disasters to come. If there is no water in an area, certainly if one of you lives in that area, you also will have not water. STILL THINGS WILL BE MADE EASY FOR ALL OF YOU NOW who are practicing Agnihotra and Yajnyas.

MANTRA WORKS WITH GREAT POWER NOW. Mantra is as powerful inwardly as is Yajnya on atmosphere.

Situations everywhere are tense and unbearable but we must not allow these “outer circumstances” to deter us from our goal, which is happiness. THE GOAL IS TO BE FULL OF LOVE IN OUR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS. Let us not fall prey to temptation to judge others or to decide for them their own fate. Let us keep silent if we cannot do good deeds.

The children are blessed. They are to lead the world to its salvation. Children know and understand far more, far deeper than we realize. Let the voice of the children be heard. They are the real prophets.

Fivefold Path for Happy Living

1. Yajnya
HOMA Therapy is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of FIRE. AGNIHOTRA HOMA (YAJNYA) is the basic HOMA. It is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset and gives nutrients to the plant kingdom, removes diseases in a certain area and removes tension on the mind. This is the basic process in the Vedic sciences of medicine, agriculture, climate engineering and interplanetary communication.
2. Daan
Sharing of your assets in a spirit of humility. This corrects imbalance in financial matters and creates non-attachment to worldly possessions.
3. Tapa
Self-discipline of body and mind. This is conducive to a change in attitudes of mind and body. It results in a harmonious state of mind.
4. Karma
“You reap as you sow.” Always practicing good Karma (actions) diminishes the burden of negative Karma and one begins to invest in his own future. This means that what you do today will bring its fruits. Sowing seeds of love and kindness will bless my garden with plenty of love. Do Karma for self-purification.
5. Swadhyaya
Practice Swadhyaya (Self-study) for liberation. Who am I? Why am I here? My work on this planet is to learn to react with total LOVE with each opportunity given to me.

This is the Fivefold Path for happy living on the planet. By practicing the Fivefold Path you become better members of your society, group, religion, community, etc.

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