Homa Therapy Experiences

Sridevi and family at Om Shree Dham

Brisbane, Queensland

I share the following very happily. I had very severe toothaches and my gums became very weak. Last year I had major costly treatments at the dentist 3 times. Nothing improved; in fact, it got worse.

After we met you [Lee and Frits Ringma] at Om Shree Dham, we decided to go back to India in a year and live like you guys with natural farming. So we started watching the videos on natural Vedic farming. One person called Vijay Ram from Andhra Pradesh said in one of the videos, “If we gently rub the Agnihotra ash on the gums, you won’t visit a dentist in your life.” This made me remember by grandparents using the ash for cleaning the teeth; they never needed to visit a dentist in their lives.

I started using the Agnihotra ash (sieved) twice daily. Now I feel very happy and have strong gums and teeth; no sensitivity, no pain.

Amogh with his parents at Agnihotra.

Amogh Kulkarni
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Hello to all Agnihotris round the globe! I will share our family’s Agnihotra experience in the time during the corona pandemic. We live in Nashik, Maharashtra. We are practicing Agnihotra since 25+ years (even before I was born; I am 24 years of age). We know what Agnihotra is and have experienced its benefits for a long time. But the corona pandemic definitely brought a sense of panic to all and our case was not different. This was our situation:

A that time we had 6 members in the family (me, my elder sister, my mother and father, my grandpa and grandma). My grandpa was bedridden due to both pelvic girdles being fractured and besides, we were preparing for my sister’s wedding at the same time. Now, my father is a doctor and his clinic is a part of our home. Amidst all this, corona struck us all as a shock wave. At that time, my father had to take care of us, my grandpa, his patients and himself too! And to make the situation worse, our neighbors got also infected by corona!

My father was obviously in contact on a daily basis with patients having corona as well as patients with other health problems. Our challenge was to stay healthy, because if any of us had gotten infected, the entire cycle at home would have broken down and become chaotic! In that situation my parents decided to keep their total faith in our wonder weapon and my father started practicing Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa separately in his clinic. During the complete phase of corona my father never took a second bath, while his colleagues were bathing 4 times a day as a preventive measurement.

Obviously, due to the regular practice of Agnihotra, none of us got infected in the entire period of corona! We did not even feel any sensation of fever or cold or any kind of discomfort!

But that’s not the full story; the real surprise was yet to come. From all the patients my father treated (who came to our clinic), a lot of them were detected as corona positive, but only a few of them had to be hospitalized.

But because of the Divine Blessings of Shree Gajanan Maharaj through the constant practice of Agnihotra, none of the patients my father treated in the entire corona cycle died! Every single one of them came out fit and fine and not one case was fatal!

Whenever we recall this, it’s even for us hard to believe, but because of Agnihotra and our Guru’s blessings we came out of the pandemic period successfully, managing my sister’s wedding, which was my grandpa’s last wish to see, and he witnessed it in his last days among the entire chaos!