News from Om Shree Dham, Australia

Lee and Frits Ringma
New South Wales, Australia

Workshops in Melbourne Vic in May
Frits and I travelled to Victoria to conduct 2 workshops on Agnihotra early May, one with a group of Vedic meditation students and the other with an eclectic group of people who came together through Liesl, a Sound Therapist amongst many healing hats. We shared Agnihotra and its many great healing effects with 30 people all together. 20 people took up Agnihotra. Above is a photo at the workshop organized by Kathleen O’Brien in Cheltenham.

Some comments about the workshops:
“It was the healing energy we needed, and we had so much great feedback as participants were leaving.”

“I am loving the internal warmth that I felt; it lasted for 2 days. I am a complete cold frog most of the time; however, I spent the rest of the evening and the next day after the workshop with this tremendous heat inside. It was beautiful.”

Continuing work on our Agnihotra Retreat Centre
Upstairs cladding where the accommodation will be, is finished. Now it is the downstairs cladding, where the activities will be – a big central room for workshops, yoga sessions, performing arts etc. , a healing therapy room, commercial kitchen and dining area.

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