Agnihotra-Questions and Answers


Q. How do people use Agnihotra ash for healing?

A. People all over the world use Agnihotra ash to make home remedies. Many people have shared their experiences on

Monika Koch, a German pharmacist, has written a book which tells how to make these home remedies. It is available in English for free online at:

Shree Vasant Paranjpe taught that when a person ingests Agnihotra ash from an Agnihotra that they performed, the Agnihotra ash becomes especially healing.

When making home remedies, it is recommended to use the best Agnihotra ash. The Agnihotra ash should be collected from Agnihotras when:

–the performer bathed and put on clean clothes before doing Agnihotra
–Agnihotra timings exactly to the second were observed
–the fire burned quickly and completely

Shree Vasant advised that Agnihotra eye drops should be prepared by a pharmacist.

Agnihotra ash and Agnihotra ash home remedies are never to be sold.

Please note: Homa Therapy teachers and centers do not prescribe or make claims or promises regarding Agnihotra ash preparations. 

Q. Should I clean my Agnihotra pyramid?

A. Normally, we don’t need to clean the pyramid. It’s okay if a thin layer of black ash builds up on the inside of the pyramid. The most important thing is not to alter the pyramid shape, so we don’t want to scratch or bend the inside of the pyramid by scrubbing or scraping.

If you do small fires, a lot of black, greasy ash may build up. If you want to reduce that, we advise occasionally doing a large fire to burn that off.
If ghee is left on copper items such as spoons, offering dishes or tongs, it can form copper oxide, a toxin which is bluish green in color. We recommend wiping off copper spoons, tongs and offering dishes with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel after use.