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Kusum Paranjpe

In Remembrance–Kusum Vasant Paranjpe

  by Sarvajit Paranjpe Maheshwar, India Kusum was born into a family named Kajale in Kohlapur, Maharashtra on 22nd March, 1928. She was the fourth among five siblings; Malati, Ganesh, Indu, Kusum and Prabha. Her father’s name was Shankar but was popularly called Appa by all. He was a learned …

Growth of plants in Agnihotra Atmosphere and with Agnihotra Ash March/April Satsang 2018 | Volume 45 #7 | New Era 75

Seeing is believing, it is said. The following articles in this series document, in some detail, the positive results of Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash on growth of plants, plant resistance to disease and pests, shelf life and other parameters of quality, taste and quantity.

It is difficult to over-estimate the potential such information has for a world beset by climate influences causing difficulties to agriculture.–Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya