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Service and Surrender

On December 25, 2014 at 12:01 A.M., the following message from Shree Vasant was received via Parvati Rosen-Bizberg in meditation: In the world, there are many distractions, voices that call you from every direction. Stay one-pointed. Those of you who walk in Light, hold true to all that has been …

On Desires

Desire creates a coloration that distorts reality and prevents us from attaining that higher level of consciousness which results in inner peace and harmony, peace of mind. Once the desire is fulfilled, another desire is born.

One is drawn to others on the spiritual path not to fulfill desires only but to join with another soul in working together towards the light. This kind of soul connection is quite divine. It is not found through fulfillment of desires.

In fact, this preoccupation with desires, e.g. sexual desire, can block what the soul is truly to receive. Then one can meet the wrong person but because of desire, assume the person is the “true love.” Desire only begets desire and misery follows.

Put attention on the Divine, the love of God, and place all desires at His feet. Only then can the judgment of the mind in such matters become clear.

One thinks one is in control of one’s desires but in fact one is driven by desires. Really one can make a big mistake by following one’s desires.

On Desires

If X is hankering after women, money, prestige, whatever it is, have compassion. No judgment. He will not find true peace as long as mind is not under control. This is for everybody.

Inner self and Tapa

First face the inner self and practice TAPA with all strength of being. Increase Yajnya. Release all negative feelings and resentments. Very quickly you will be filled with love. This is the greatest of all healing agents.

→ March 22, 2015

Shape of Agnihotra Pyramid

The shape of the Agnihotra pyramid should not be interfered with. Now we have to be more subtle with YAJNYA. Time is crucial. Times are desperate. In order to get the optimum effect from Agnihotra, the shape of the pyramid should be intact.

→ March 22, 2015

Healing Through Pranayams

Narishodhan Pranayam Channeling of one’s mind and thoughts is one of the most important benefits of Pranayam. We know that thoughts are …

Agricultural Experience with Vanilla Plants

Nature is a silent performer and I was anxious to see her work. Since hundreds of farmers are closely observing our Homa Therapy work at Sutagatti, I was slightly under tension. Our faith and devotion has started working in this after three months of regular Homa.