Buying an Agnihotra Pyramid–What You Should Know


A copper pyramid of correct shape, size and material is essential for proper performance of Agnihotra. With today’s expansion of e-commerce, one can find many sources of copper pyramids online. However, not all of these vessels are suited for Agnihotra.

The pyramid should have no handles attached. Super-shiny pyramids which are almost gold in color most likely have had zinc added to them for strength, which means they are not made of pure copper. Some pyramids have engraving on the edges, which also is not acceptable.

A correct pyramid measures 6.5 cm. in height and 16.5 cm in diameter across the top. It must have 3 steps or levels. It should be made of one seamless sheet of copper, without soldering.

Dr. Ulrich Berk writes, “Both size and shape of the Agnihotra pyramid are fixed and must not be changed. Some people thought the effect would be more if you take a larger pyramid, but it is not like that. If we assume that Agnihotra is all about vibration and resonance, then this is obvious – similar to a musical instrument: If you make a sitar double the size, for example, you will not get a better sitar, but a totally different instrument.”

The best way to be sure you’re getting a proper pyramid is to buy it from a Homa Therapy center, such as:

Please see for a list of international Homa Therapy centers and contacts.