Healing with Homa Therapy


Nemesis Garcia Canales
Hospital Reategui, Piura,
Peru, South America

I’m 64 years old. My sister Alicia invited me to accompany her to Homa Therapy. I have had 14 years with a cough that choked me. I could barely speak. I was just coughing and coughing. When I went to the doctor, he just said, “Then don’t speak”. But I like to talk. I was just taking medicine, injections, all those kinds of things. I was told that I had an allergy, and rhinitis.  My nose was clogged. I woke up at night because I could not breathe, and I had to sleep sitting up.

I started with Homa three months ago and got my own Agnihotra kit. I feel a lot of improvement and I do not choke anymore when I speak.

Now, I breathe well. I breathe freely and I am no longer coughing. Now I feel great.

The first day I came to Homa Therapy, I felt a little scared, but on the third day I already felt some improvement and after one week of Homa treatment I felt so much better.

Before, I also could not sleep well because I suffered from a kidney inflammation and urinated all the time. Now no more.  I go to bed, sleep well and I wake up between 6 and 7 in the morning.

The practice of Agnihotra is very simple and I love to do it.

Miguel Navarro
Hospital Reategui, Piura, Peru,
South America

I am 53 years old. My sister brought me 2 months ago to Homa Therapy, because I suffered from backache. I could not bend. If I bent, my body twisted and I could not get up or sit down, nothing.

Now I come 3 to 4 times a week for the Homa sessions and I feel good. I can bend over and I feel calmer. I have no more pain and the burning sensation in my back is also gone. I feel good with the Fire, the smoke and I take the Agnihotra ash every day.