From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

January 27, 2016 On Homa Atmosphere
Yes, yes, yes. Your dream regarding Homa farms is real. Yes, not only will the healing effects of Agnihotra become magnified as the environment’s health declines, but the beings who live in such rarified nature will be protected from great turmoil in times near to come.

There is a subtle nature to these Homa fires which you perform, which cannot be fully documented scientifically. Though science can prove that which can be ascertained by physical experimentation, the subtle realms are more difficult both to ascertain and to explain.

On a subtle level, the plants growing in Homa atmosphere that is properly, regularly maintained on an actual, active Homa farm, are receiving more than nutrients through the air and water. They are receiving life force energy, which is given a boost via the presence of Divine entities that are drawn to Homa atmosphere. At a Homa farm, there are greater numbers of what are referred to as Nature Spirits or Devas present. The energy itself is super-charged and this is difficult to prove in scientific terminology.

However, this is what is most profound. The effects on human mind, body and spirit are noticeable and inspiring to see. Those entering such a rarified atmosphere often remark about how peaceful they feel or how energized.

What is needed by each individual organism will be that which that organism experiences.

If one is in need of deep rest, the body will experience a calming, peaceful flow of life force energy.

If a depressive person comes into such environment, he or she is likely to feel a surge of positive energy, which can dispel even the darkest moods. Indeed, there is far more than the eye can see.

On Oneness
It is the lifting of veils that is the culmination, the release of what is One, into what is ALL. This is something which cannot be wished for, cannot be worked for, and cannot be given until precisely the correct moment in time when the disciple reaches that pivotal state of at-ONE-ment. One cannot predict when, nor program times. It just is and will be, when the time is right.

Oneness with all of humanity and an embracing of the universal life force can occur in a split second, and often does appear in glimpses of that heightened state of serenity and awareness, only to be overshadowed by one’s increasing demands on the material plane.

However, there is a step missing here. One reaches a point in one’s life when one can still perform necessary duties on the material plane and remain in the heightened state of purity and Grace which dawns upon one when one is ready. That step is the one which comes with non-attachment, neither to the material nor to the spiritual! One’s heart and soul come together as one force and nothing breaks that level of clarity of mind, body and spirit.

Most assuredly, this is one’s aim in life on spiritual path. If one substitutes fame or fortune at any point on spiritual path, that lofty possibility becomes mired with the fog of a divided heart. Hmmm, the bane of many spiritual beings’ existence! One can see many dashing about in robes of various colours, each in pursuit of adoration and glory. Should they but realize the trade-off, they would be ashamed and dismayed by their loss.

Always maintain humility which the great masters have shown. For in so doing, the task for which you have been born into human frame can indeed reach completion, and the seemingly lofty goal of ‘I and My Father are One’ can become not only feasible but actual.

Always, always, remember to surrender to that which is Divine Will and temper your own desires, longings and wishes. When you embrace that which is destined to be, you reap the harvest designed for your soul.

Blessings abound.

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