Why Homa Farming?

HOMA Therapy is a totally revealed science. It is as old as creation. In the course of time this knowledge was lost but it is now being resuscitated to give people guidance about how to correct the polluted conditions of the planet we find ourselves in today. HOMA Therapy comes from VEDAS, the ancient-most body of knowledge known to man.

When things go wrong due to pollution, the elements of nature begin to change. The cohesion of atoms, fusion of atoms begins in a different way as it is described in ATHARVA VEDA. It is stated that if atoms begin refusion and fission in an improper way, a civilization could be destroyed. If HOMA is performed when this takes place it helps mold things harmoniously and a new, beneficial element is produced. Notice, we do not say created. Nothing is created, only reshaped. This knowledge is HOMA Therapy.

Agnihotra is the basic HOMA for all HOMA fire practices given in the ancient Vedic science. Agnihotra is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise and sunset. The process involves preparing a small fire in a copper pyramid of fixed size and putting some grains of rice into fire exactly at sunrise and sunset accompanied by chant of two simple Mantras.
This knowledge can be used in several areas. The following list is illustrative and not exhaustive: Agriculture, environment, medicine, psychotherapy, biogenetics.

Technology has played its innings. Now we have to delve into supertechnology to save ourselves form the mess of compounded pollution that we have created. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we farm are all poisoned.

We think we have found technological paradise. It will be our hell in the next years. Whether we like it or not we have already handed ourselves on a silver platter of technology into the jaws of death. Science and technology are different things. Science is the search for truth. What technology has done and persists in doing is nothing short of raping the land and the air we breathe of all nutrients by destroying plant life with pesticides and insecticides and polluting human beings with chemical fertilizers and food additives. All this is taking its toll now. Man cannot survive this era without a massive attempt to counteract the destruction.

We have nearly reached a stage when there will be no reliable uncontaminated natural resources. All of our water supplies will be polluted. In some areas there will be severe droughts and in other areas terrific floods. We should understand that these times have already begun. We must rely upon scientific means to undo the effects of polluted conditions in the atmosphere, soil, water and on all life forms. The scientist and governments know this. However, man’s awareness is blanketed by myths of prosperity and by his ignorance towards his environment. The age of complacency is coming to a violent end and hence the need for HOMA Therapy. We request the scientist to investigate the effectiveness of HOMA Therapy in undoing the effects of pollution.

All living things in nature – plants, trees, forests, the crops we plant, animals and human beings – are exposed to such terrific pollutants that it becomes difficult to escape the deleterious effect. Microorganisms are rapidly dying in the soil. There will be no food to eat unless there is HOMA atmosphere. Agnihotra, the basic HOMA, is the way to save the world now. If anyone can show a better, easier, more practical way, we are willing to listen.

The Earth’s atmosphere is fed by HOMA fire. When Agnihotra copper pyramid fire is practiced, tremendous amounts of nutrients and fragrance are injected into the atmosphere. This is what will make our planet whole again.

With chemical fertilizers and pesticides it becomes necessary to increase the dosage and strength or alter formulas as years go by. Then a stage comes when nothing grows unless you use them. If you do use them they ruin the soil and subsoil water. The harmful chemicals are ingested into the body when we eat food grown under these conditions. Then a few years later nothing grows at all and land that was once fertile and produced abundant crops has to be abandoned. These are some of the reason why several communities started thinking in terms of organic farming and biological pest control. This worked for a while but as the pollution content of the atmosphere increased and things got compounded, organic farmers came into terrific difficulties.

With increased doses of acid rain the top few inches of soil on Earth are likely to be totally destroyed so that nothing will grow. The answer to our ills lies just six inches beneath the surface of the Earth. HOMA Therapy Farming is the way out.

Elements begin to change due to pollution. Somehow due to a magnetic-like pull set up where YAJNYA is performed the elements required to make certain life-sustaining essentials are again attracted to the planet by manifestation of some other mode of transference. Some may even come from other planets.
Changes in soil composition due to pollution become drastic and the results become disastrous. Soil becomes unable to sustain plants and even life. The way out is to inject nutrients and fragrance into the atmosphere by widespread practice of YAJNYA.

Soil in many places becomes unable to support plants due to pollution. Then trees die for unknown reason. Yet when Agnihotra is performed plants dance and thrive. They are thankful for the nourishment YAJNYA gives.

The composition of nutrients in the soil deteriorates and this has a great impact on the food supply. Pollution is the disease. YAJNYA is the cure. The practice of YAJNYA replenishes the nutrients that are robbed from our environment by pollution. The chemical and molecular structure of bacteria change and they become more immune to conventional medical methods. If we practice YAJNYA things will improve.