Homa Therapy Experiences

María Isabel García
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
I am 60 years old. I have known Homa Therapy for approximately 20 years. At the time I started the practice, I had a chiropractor named James Peterson. He practiced Homa Therapy and he gave me capsules filled with Agnihotra ash. He told me, “Distribute them among people who have physical or emotional health problems. You like to help, so with these you can help.”

I gave these capsules away to people who appeared in my life and who had problems. And indeed, people experienced significant changes. If the person was depressed, he became stable. If they had a physical health problem, they improved or were healed.

It got to a point that people came to ask for more pills and even were willing to buy them. But we gave them away for free, just as Dr. Peterson did and as he had instructed us. Many people were healed.

Here is just one testimony:
Engineer Jorge Roblero, who also practices Homa Therapy, had instructed us years ago on Agnihotra, and a friend who lived in a dangerous neighborhood of the city asked if this technique could help. After hearing that Agnihotra is a healing fire, she acquired the pyramid and everything else necessary for the practice and she learned this technique correctly.
This was 20 years ago.

We accompanied her with Agnihotra in the beginning at her house. In this neighborhood there was a lot of crime and people had come from outside to sell a lot of drugs.

Our friend continued practicing Agnihotra and before a month had passed, these people had already disappeared from this neighborhood. They were no longer there. We were inquiring and the crime had disappeared more or less in a radius of about 30 blocks.

Penélope Lemos
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

I am 24 years old and I have been practicing Agnihotra for a little over a year. On a visit, I learned it with my uncle Víctor, who invited me to accompany him. While he was preparing Agnihotra, he was explaining to me a little bit about this process. I had no idea about anything, I was just present.

After Agnihotra, I felt that all the weight was gone from my head, I felt that it only had the weight of a feather. I felt super light. It was like I could breathe. It was beautiful. This happened on a Sunday and by Tuesday I already had my own Agnihotra kit with everything. From that day on, I started practicing it. But only sometimes I can do it with my uncle.

I also give the ash to the plants because I love plants a lot.

Besides, the atmosphere in our home has changed; it feels lighter.

My mother drinks water with Agnihotra ash and it has helped her a lot. She suffered from a severe type of allergy and only a certain pill worked for her. Now she hardly needs to use this pill, just the Agnihotra smoke and Agnihotra ash help her a lot.

I have also seen changes in my uncle Victor. He is super serene, super kind, too. He knows how to think things through before acting and before speaking. With Homa Therapy, he calms his mind and this light that he has inside he transmits to others, as he did to me.