Worldwide Om Tryambakam Homa Event 2022


A continuous worldwide Om Tryambakam Homa event was held from sunrise on December 21st to sunset on December 31st, 2022. The program was organized by Homa Therapy teachers Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan, with people all over the world signing up to perform shifts of Om Tryambakam Homa in their respective locations during those days. The theme was, “Let there be Light”–a much-needed focal point in these tumultuous times.

People from South America, Central America, North America, Australia, South Africa, India, Mauritius, Malaysia, Ukraine, Latvia and other European countries participated.

Abel and Aleta write:
Dear Agnihotra Family,
How wonderful is the result when we UNITE to combine our FORCES with the purpose of, “LET THERE BE LIGHT”– Light in our hearts, our minds, our actions, our homes, in nature, in the atmosphere that connects us all, all around the planet.

Gratitude, Gratitude and more Gratitude for having been part of this luminous transformation. In 2023, let us continue to illuminate ourselves internally and our surroundings with each Sacred Homa Fire. We already know that every change begins within ourselves. And what a great tool we have been given to heal and to serve!

Infinite love and blessings to all. OM SHREE!
Aleta & Abel and the Homa coordinators worldwide

Satsang would like to thank all the organizers and participants in this global event for helping to spread the healing energies of Homa Fires.

[Agnihotra establishes the basic healing cycle. The other  Vedic Homas we teach, such as Om Tryambakam and Vyahruti Homa, strengthen that cycle. Any person who has been doing Agnihotra consistently for at least two weeks, with the intention of continuing to perform it, is eligible to learn Om Tryambakam Homa and Vyahruti Homa. -Ed.]