Experiences with Papaya

Abel Eufrasio Navas Zambrano
President of the National Association of Farmers and Related Sectors (CONASA)
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

I am 61 years old. I came twice to the Guayaquil Homa Center and the lady who attended me, gave me two little bags of Agnihotra ash. I had planted 13 hectares of papaya. But when the rain came and it took 12 hectares away with a flood and I was left with less than 1 hectare.

In this one hectare, as they say “accidentally,” I applied these 2 bags of Agnihotra ash to about 10 papaya plants, which were dying. Then I instructed the boy who takes care of the farm not to apply any herbicide, insecticide, nematicide, fungicide, or fertilizer, to leave them only with Agnihotra ash.

It turns out that these papaya plants, which were dying, reacted very well and I can tell you that these 10 papaya plants are in good condition. And this with a single application of Agnihotra ash!

Now I have come back to the Homa Center because I want more Agnihotra ash for my crops. After this experience, I have planted more or less 2,000 papaya seedlings in the middle of this plantation. I will have to learn more about this therapy of the healing fires. And my employee asks me already, “When do we apply Homa Therapy to these plants?”