Centre of Light–Winter Update

Dear friends and family of the Fire,
After much energy, inspiration and devotion, Centre of Light is nearly
75% completed and we look forward to inviting you to our projected
grand opening in 2023!

We are so grateful for those people near and far who have supported
us through our campaigns with donations, loans, and volunteer work on the building—and for all those who have always encouraged us over the years.

We have come so far on the wings of faith, unity, and the vision
that Shree Vasant gave to us. The Centre of Light is part of His
legacy. It is located at Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, one of the three Points of Light designated by Shree Vasant. We see it as a sanctuary and a hub for generations to come.

Magnificent view of the Tatra Mountains from Centre of Light.

The strength of Satsang and Agnihotris coming together is an enriching, often life-changing experience.

Centre of Light will provide a place for past, present, and future
generations of Light Workers to gather in service to our planet and to
each other.

Women’s Circle meeting in the future art studio.

The ecological, holistic healing Centre of Light is here for all of us. It
will be a great step forward for Agnihotra and Homa Therapy

Dances of Universal Peace on the terrace.

This space is ideal for innovative, creative, universal workshop
leaders, healers, teachers, visionaries, and pioneers to collaborate
with our new venue—Centre of Light.

If you feel inspired to help manifest this project, you can donate
here: https://agnihotra.pl/en/news-events/campaign/

If you are from the US and would like a tax deduction:
Please donate through our affiliate NGO in US, Fivefold Path Inc and choose
Centre of Light, Poland project.

Join our visionary project!
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

With Love and Gratitude,
Homa Therapy Foundation, Poland