Agnihotra Rice


Unpolished, raw rice is an essential part of the Agnihotra process. Only two pinches are used for each Agnihotra.

Ancient knowledge says that the rice gives nutrition to the atmosphere. Polished rice has less nutritional value and therefore is unsuitable. If possible, it is best to use organically grown rice.

Only unbroken grains of rice are used for Agnihotra. Chemically, broken grains and unbroken grains of rice will be the same, but the subtle energy structure is not the same, so we need to remove any broken grains when preparing our Agnihotra offerings.

Rice can be found growing in many parts of the world.

According to Macrobiotics, rice is the most balanced food grain, with equal parts of yin and yang.

Different varieties of rice  can be suitable for Agnihotra, such as brown rice, red rice, black rice and brown basmati rice, provided they are raw/whole grain.

White basmati rice has been processed, and often has synthetic nutrients added to it, so it is not suitable for Agnihotra.

What is sold as wild rice here in the U.S. is not really rice, it is a type of grass, so it is not to be used for Agnihotra.