On Problem-solving From Shree Vasant's Teachings

Many times the disciple goes to the Guru and says, “Master, I have this problem. What is the solution?” Well, the Master may or may not reveal a solution. Still, the person has to first have a full understanding of the problem. In many cases the disciple does not want to take the time to understand the problem. He is in too big of a hurry to solve the problem. If he looked at the problem, say, from several different angles or points of view, the solution would-in most cases-become quite clear to him. But instead he seeks the Guru and says, “What is my solution?” Now, if the disciple is devoted, he will truly wish to apply at once this solution but if he has no understanding of the problem, this will have only a limited effect. Because ultimately, the lesson is to be learnt. The problem will arise over and over again until the person confronts the problem head on and truly begins to understand it. This is also not an intellectual exercise.

Understanding can come in a moment. It is not all the intellect. It is not all analysis. Understanding requires that one be willing to see his part in a given situation, thereby breaking through resistance, allowing oneself clarity of vision that results in a deeper understanding.