From the Orion Transmissions

Received by Parvati Rosen Bizberg

April 2, 2020 On Our World
(This is a recovered message which is quite applicable today.)
When there is a forest fire, we do not sit and discuss the source of the fire—whether man-
made, whether a deliberate action or one stemming from climate change. It is now time to
face the tragedy befallen the entire world now, standing together in UNITY to overcome
the frightful virus that is spreading across the globe.

Developing systems, improving treatments, increasing protection for those in greatest
danger of exposure—these are the demands of the time.

Yet it is on the soul level where greatest change is being called for. And it is on this soul
level, individually and globally, that true recovery can take place. And it is not a recovery of
the old, but a recovery of the future waiting in the wings. This is it.

August 12, 2020 On Holding Near to the Light
Yes, yes. Though the prognosis for this beloved planet Earth appears to be negatively
aspected and doomed, if you will, to tragic consequence—this effort will be derailed. We
say ‘effort’ as it seems to be a concerted effort of powers that are in control, to control not
only the population but the basic land mass itself. This will be stopped. Light will prevail.
Those who would seek to control the population with fear, inciting riots and creating
mischief that is life-threatening at the least, will be stripped of the false powers they have
manifested—in time, in time.

Focus on the Light. Create these arks of fire with absolute intent to heal, to transform
these sensitive energies into powerful deterrents which will repel darkness. We see Light
will prevail upon the Earth.

This does not indicate we are not aware of the darkness—even in Nature herself there is
darkness. In order that Light may manifest, darkness is necessary.

This is a deep cleansing of this planet now. We have told—volcanoes, earthquakes,
tornadoes, hurricanes, diseases with no cures, violence in the cities of the world. Yes, this
is escalating now.

Hold near to the Light. Maintain practices for healing the atmosphere, body, mind and
spirit. Be inclusive.

Seek to expand your consciousness, deepen your inner awareness, your inner
awareness. Return to Nature to nurture and to heal, as She will heal you.
Do onto others as you wish them to do unto you.

And beloved Planet Earth Light Keepers, now is the time! As the old saying goes, “Let
your Light shine.” If ever in life there was a time for Light, it is now.

Live in harmony. One direction. One force of Love in the Universe.

And, above all, stay sober! Do not squander your grace-given gifts on a mind-altering
reality which will weaken not only your resolve, but the very fiber of your beings.

Walk in Light.

We are with you.
We are,

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