On Being Conscious and Aware During Trying Times

The following message from Shree Vasant was received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, in meditation.

April 25, 2021 Shree Vasant on Being Conscious and Aware During Trying Times
There have been many natural and unnatural disasters—massive floods, volcanoes, mighty storms, hurricanes, tornadoes.

These were all predicted as well via Orion and in many ancient scriptures which spoke of future civilizations. Thus, all of this should come as no surprise.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Follow these mandates to protect yourselves, but use your sense of inner awareness to perceive when what is spoken is truth or what is spoken is laced with falsehoods and deception.

Both exist. Know when to listen and when to remain one-pointed and focused on your inner knowledge alone.

There is deception even in alternative news, not just mainstream.

Be fully aware that, in dire times, all forces will be awakened to guide the people—some for their own benefit and others to reveal absolute truth.

Those of you for whom the many conspiracy theories have taken your allegiance, beware and be aware that all what is spoken in these conspiracy theories is not true.

Actually, in some there is no thread of truth; in others, only a small amount is actual and accurate.

Please focus inward and allow Divine to uplift and guide you on the best path to full and conscious awareness now.

Being unduly swayed to one side or the other will highly likely bring your awareness down.

Do not allow your gullible self to listen to and be convinced by the rhetoric of either side!

That the diseases now sweeping the world’s stage are real, rest assured, they are.

However, as with any case, opportunists will arise to twist and turn the evidence to suit their persuasion.

Be aware.

Take moderate and close care to protect yourselves and others, but do not allow your spirit to be weakened.

Remain steadfast on your own mission—whether it be to spread these healing fires to all you meet, to instruct and guide others in such beneficial practices such as Hatha Yoga, meditation,

organic gardening, natural medicines, and so on.

Remember to keep your hearts open to receive Divine Blessings via the pure avenues of Music and the Arts.

Through creative avenues you, especially the young, will be able to maintain and buffer your souls during times of grave danger and trial.

We are with you always.

Be aware.
Be aware.
Be aware.


April 25, 2021 Shree Vasant (During group silent meditation following Agnihotra, Shree Vasant continued)

Future is, at best, uncertain. All theories, those of the right and those of the left, have little truth entwined with what is essentially propaganda for their ways of thinking.

This process is designed to separate and divide you.

For those in the alternative culture, the conspiracy theories are aimed directly and specifically to divide you.

We are here to inform you that in these times, you all must try to UNITE.

Disregard the media—that from the right or from the left. Be aware of the facts, as they can be somewhat clear, though often also manipulated.

However, know that if news media is reporting tens of thousands, for example, you can multiply that and come closer to the actual count.

Unplug from the news as much as possible. Only remain on as long as it takes to have some understanding of current events.

When there are extreme disasters, immediately go within and concentrate fully on visualizing and sending those places protection, prayers for the unfoldment of Divine Will.

On subtle level there is great power. Great power. Great power.

Agnihotra will act as a shield of protection on all levels in all situations. However, you also have to play safe.

Take necessary precautions. Be responsible for your lives and Grace will always take care.

India. India. India. Current wave of this disease is horrific.
You should not go anywhere—only in case of emergency.

Don’t go anywhere. Increase fires.


We are with all of you.
Walk in Light.
Blessings to all.

All love.