Agnihotra and Seniors

by Birgitt Heigl
Homa-Hof Heiligenberg,

“Agnihotra renews the brain cells. It revitalizes the skin. It purifies the blood … You sit at Agnihotra fire and breathe in the smoke, which goes quickly into the bloodstream and lungs. This has excellent effect on circulatory system, on the brain and nervous system.“–Shree Vasant Paranjpe

This statement sounds like a healing fountain of youth. In advanced age or in the absence of health, Agnihotra is invaluable for one’s own well-being. In fact, there are more and more experiences that confirm this.

Health, Even at an Advanced Age
There are now countless reports of people who have experienced healing or at least relief from their physical ailments through Agnihotra and the intake of Agnihotra ash. Even with diseases that seem hopeless or are accompanied by great pain, there is hope. How the regeneration comes about is far from clear. Through Agnihotra the respiratory system improves and the immune system is strengthened. The Agnihotra ash is very alkaline and rich in minerals, and helps to detoxify the body. As can be seen in Kirlian photographs, gaps in the person’s energy field close, and energy often increases significantly. These are starting points that still have a wide field of research ahead of them, but the effects can already be experienced.

Since 1974, Horst Heigl (front right) has been passing on the knowledge of Agnihotra and the Fivefold Path. Even at the age of 85, he is still available to interested people almost every day. As the initiator of the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg, since 1987 he has created a place where the positive effects of the Homa fires on the environment can be experienced.

Youthful Appearance
For decades we have seen at Homa Hof Heiligenberg (Homa Center in Germany) how tense or
exhausted visitors change in a positive way. Their faces seem more relaxed after a short time and after Agnihotra they often look more beautiful and younger, as if something inside them is shining from within. No wonder people often think that long-term Agnihotris are much younger than they are.

One reason for this could be the relaxing effect of the Homa fires. Moreover, the high subtle energy (vibration) as generated by Agnihotra acts like an elixir for rejuvenation, because the cells are made to vibrate in a higher, more joyful energy.

An Awakened Mind
“What was your name?” The older you get, the more your memory seems to diminish. The purified atmosphere, as it occurs during Agnihotra, has a beneficial effect on the circulation, the brain and the nervous system, and the brain waves also come to rest. All this has an impact on our thinking, which suddenly appears to become easier and more positive.

Something to be Happy About Every Day
Depression is a common theme in old age. Some feel useless, lonely or even a burden to others. Agnihotra helps here in many ways.

By purifying the atmosphere (both physical and subtle), negative thought patterns can be dissolved. The Vacca bacteria contained in the cow dung ensure that the production of seratonin (happiness hormone) is stimulated. The vibrations emanating from Agnihotra are perceived by many as very loving and calming. Letting go is easier and fears can fade.

It is often easier for seniors to perform Agnihotra and other Yajnyas sitting on a chair.

The Homa fires give again to many a sense of life: without great effort one can do something good with it, not only for oneself, but for the whole environment. Many experience a deep peace in the process.

Carmen, 73 years old. There comes joy: Cow dung is good for the respiratory system and for the mood. The finished dried pieces are used to build the Yajnya fires.

The Elders – Knowledgeable and Wise

Erika, age 79, likes to work in the herb garden.

The Fivefold Path, of which Agnihotra is a part, not only helps us to live a fulfilled life, it is also a foundation stone for a blessed life.

Through Yajnya (Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya), among other things, the energy body is purified.  It relaxes and helps the thoughts to become clearer. The feeling of love often arises all by itself.
Daan (sharing) helps us not to be attached to material things and to please others through gifts. For elders, this becomes especially valuable because the closer the end of life approaches, the more it is necessary to let go of everything. What a blessing when this is done with ease and joy.

Tapa (self-discipline) enables us to respond lovingly to all of life’s circumstances. The older we get, the more there will be things we can no longer do. If you practice Tapa, in time, you can still remain happy and content and smile at adversity.

Through Karma (good deeds – you reap what you sow) we create the basis for good things to happen to us and for help to come. In advanced age, one learns to appreciate this especially.

Swadhyaya (self-study) helps us to be fulfilled, joyful and content even in later years, regardless of external circumstances. Even if one is alone then, he still does not feel lonely. One knows oneself, knows one’s strengths and weaknesses, and ideally has developed an inner greatness through which one becomes a blessing to others. For spiritual development, the Fivefold Path is an invaluable help.

Personal reports:
Franz, age 68
“When we learned about Agnihotra 28 years ago, we were not sure whether to do it or not. Our son had severe asthma and was very sensitive to smoke. But we tried it and it was like a miracle: Our son not only tolerated the Agnihotra smoke, he was completely cured by it!!

“Through Agnihotra and the Fivefold Path I personally feel more balanced and calm in my daily life. Agnihotra became an irreplaceable companion in daily life and has enriched me very much internally.”

Ursula, age 79
“ ’Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you’. With this thought in mind I started Agnihotra in 1985. Soon I felt how Agnihotra had a positive effect on the whole family and environment–not only on the people, but also on our pets, even on the houseplants. They got bigger and I had wonderful results in my vegetable garden.

“Today, more than 30 years later, I want to say thank you for having known such a great effective thing as Agnihotra.”

Hans and Inge, ages 81 and 74

Hans, age 81.

We have been practicing Agnihotra for more than 40 years. In the first years it was especially exciting to experience the positive effects it had on us. We were able to spend the day with more energy, sleep better at night and experience confirmation of our progress in dreams and visions.

“I (Hans) remember particularly well a time in the early 1980s when I was in a phase of extreme stress at work and Agnihotra removed all stress and strain from me.

“Of course, when practicing Agnihotra for many years, a certain habituation is noticeable; the positive effect, which is still there, is perceived less. Nevertheless, with every Agnihotra that is left out, it can be noticed; something has been missed.

“With the beginning of the practice of Agnihotra, our circle of acquaintances has changed over the years. We are now in contact with people with whom uplifting spiritual conversations mixed with current issues have priority. More often we are together in conversations with contributors at HomaHof Heiligenberg. What a benefit. It is a joy to be involved in the farming and daily fire practice as well.

“Agnihotra has a very positive impact on our lives. More harmony, better health and with Agnihotra ash we have a remedy that contributes to health in many cases. Agnihotra is a benefit for the Earth and for each individual. In our daily life it is an important component.”

It doesn’t always have to be coffee dates. When we meet to do Yajnya together, we feel connected in a unique way. When we perform Om Tryambakam Yajnya we take turns at the fire.

Erika, age 79
“In 1969, after the birth of my 5th child, which was life-threatening for me, I entered a crisis that today would be called burnout–physically, psychically and mentally. Feeling empty, I asked myself, ‘What is the sense of life?’ and made a request to God, ‘Show me the truth.’

“Several years passed until I joined Horst Heigl in yoga classes in 1974.
There someone told me about Agnihotra and that it involves burning cow dung and chanting a mantra. I was very Catholic at that time and I said, “You don’t need to come to me with such stuff …”

“Shortly after, I also learned about Agnihotra from Horst. Since everything spiritual I had heard from him so far was applicable in daily life and I had experienced it as true, there must have been some truth in it. In Horst’s house, where interested people met on weekends, there was a room where only fire ceremonies were performed. On one visit, I was allowed to sit in with the Yajna, on the condition that I remain silent.

“I sat, kept silent, and was happy and full of joy.

“Anyone who has suffered from depression for years, for whom the sensation of joy had completely disappeared from life, can appreciate what it was for me to experience happiness and deepest joy again. This was my introduction to the Homa Fires. I didn’t need any more explanation. I quickly learned Agnihotra and other Yajnas and I still perform these fires regularly, more than 40 years later.

“Since the existence of the Homa Hof Heiligenberg, I have been able to help in many areas so that the blessing of the Yajnas can be experienced by many people and their environment. They have been and still are wonderful, light-filled and fulfilling years. Thank you!”