Agnihotra Window Box

Richard Powers
Madison, Virginia, U.S.A.

In cold weather, doing Agnihotra outdoors can be difficult, but doing Agnihotra indoors and darkening walls with smoke can also be a problem. The following is a solution for doing Agnihotra in winter without smoking up the house.

A neighbor requested that I build her a box which would affix to the outside of a window, that she could use to perform Agnihotra in winter. Based on an idea from her son, I built this shelter:

It has removable panels on the bottom to create a draft. The back of the roof has a copper sheet to deflect the heat. The front has copper screen and some heavier ¼” rat wire to prevent animals from getting inside. It attaches to the window frame with 2 hooks and eyes. The finish on the outside of the box is 3 coats of marine spar varnish.

The overhang on my neighbor’s roof will provide protection from rain, but if there were no overhang I would build a peaked roof and open up the 2 gable ends for ventilation.

This article is meant to give an idea of what can be done to perform Agnihotra when conditions outdoors are less than ideal. If an item like this would be helpful, you may be able to find a local carpenter to make one for you. As window sizes vary, it would need to be custom made.