Podcast on Mind Training


Certified Homa Therapy teacher W. Henry Gregory, Jr. Ph.D has started a podcast called, “Mind Training and Homa Therapy: Keys to Happiness”. A new program will be offered every Friday. Drawing from his vast professional and personal experience, Dr. Gregory explores the workings of the human mind, and sheds light on how we can become better, happier managers of our mind energy.

Dr. Henry Gregory

Listen and add some insight to your day! To tune in, go to  https://linktr.ee/drgregory 

Dr. Gregory is a clinical psychologist with expertise as a clinician, educator, trainer, consultant and researcher in a number of service areas including substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, criminal justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, school-based mental health, and behavioral health.

Currently, Dr. Gregory is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. He also provides consultation and training to public and private agencies and direct services to individuals and families through his own organization, the Rafiki Consortium, LLC.

In addition, he is the president of the Baltimore Homa Community (BHC).