Healing with Homa Therapy

Marcela Agurto Trelles
Piura, Peru, South America

I am a primary school teacher, Specialist in Hearing, Language, and Specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I started the practice of Homa Therapy in March, 2000. I was invited by my cousin, Pilar Agurto. I noticed she had changed positively and I got interested. I said, Something is happening here.

At that time, I was the principal of the Teresa de Calcutta Educational Institution. Although it was a regular school, all the children who attended were children with different educational needs. They were children with attention deficit disorder, language, learning and behavioral disorders. They were very restless.

Personally, I used to go to mass and it was hard for me to clearly hear the priest’s preaching. After attending the first 15 days in Homa healing fires, I noticed that:

1) The preaching was very understandable. I heard it very well. My attention and concentration had improved.

2) In spite of the family and professional problems I was going through, I realized that my attitude towards them was different. I was calmer and happier. My attention improved and I wanted to keep going on with Homa Therapy.

It was those two experiences that marked me and opened the door to apply Homa Therapy at the school. I thought that those changes that I had experienced could happen to the children of the institution and it would help their learning, language and behavior.

With the help of Pilar, we developed a whole project for the application of Homa Therapy for children and parents. The results were more than surprising.

The children were more attentive; they behaved better. Just by being more focused, their learning improved. They showed more confidence in their participation. I could say that every new child entering our school showed positive changes in short time for the children in the institution had been receiving Homa Therapy with the healing fires.

I must tell something that can be taken as evidence of the practice of these healing fires. I used to call the school the days I wasn’t attending. Thus, the secretary could inform me of how the children were behaving. But the noises I heard in the background of the call also could tell me how the children were. One day, after Homa Therapy had been constantly applied at the school, I was unable to attend and, as always, I called the secretary to inform me. Oh surprise! When I called, there was such silence in the background that I had to ask the secretary if the children had not been attending school. She answered me that all the children were present and they were working.

I can also state that the performance of the children improved markedly. Their attention, concentration, memory had improved not only in the school environment but also in their family situation. This, I know, due to the fact that the parents came to tell me that the development of the children at home and in the home work/studies had improved.

Another anecdote, during the “First International Forum of Homa Therapy – Healing Fires,” Abel Hernandez asked me to narrate my experience about our school. I am of few words, especially speaking in public with a full audience of countless guests, even from other countries. I felt that I was dying of fear.

Abel recommended to do Tryambakam Homa during the event and Agnihotris took turns.
I remember that I was with a father of one of our children, and at the time of my participation I told him that I was afraid to talk. Besides, it was the first time I participated in such an event. During my speech I was aware of the fluency of my words and I did not feel any fear. All went well. At the end of the meeting, that same father said to me, “How would you have spoken if you were not afraid?” I was surprised and happy to have achieved what I had thought impossible.

I worked with these children until 2013. Nowadays, I dedicate myself exclusively to treating children individually with language and learning difficulties. And, I program that child who needs it the most during the hours of Agnihotra; that is to say, the cognitive therapy that I offer plus Homa Therapy. Homa Therapy helps me to help these children who need more attention.

My thanks go to God who led me to Abel and Aleta; I am infinitely grateful for the tools given to fulfill the mission that God gave me.