On Peace and Silence From Teachings of Shree Vasant

You say you have so many things to do. Don’t try to do too many things at once. That way you will never be free of constant worrying. The mind likes to create worries and things to do.

Silence. Keep silence one hour a day, at any point in the day. Each day find something to do which makes you happy. Any small thing. You will become aware that this will make others happy as well.

Try to consolidate what you do so that you leave yourself time to rest each day, meditate and exercise. You need not spend hours planning what you need do. Decide, make a list and just do it. Do not overdo it. Then you become angry with yourself and others.

Keep silence one hour daily and utilize this time for silencing thoughts as well as speech. You can, during this time, continue doing whatever needs to be done. Just keep thought and speech silent as much as possible. Use Mantra. This is for people who can either not keep silence in the morning due to job or are alone most of the day as you are. Best hours are in the morning or night after Agnihotra.