Group Agnihotra in Austria

Reiner Szcypior

The first Agnihotra group performance in Austria since the COVID-19 pandemic  was done at Gartenparadis Painer. We came together for the purification of the atmosphere and the healing of Mother Earth on the Full Moon day of May 2020.

LOVE and Light  to all people around the world. Take care of yourselves and the nature around you. We are part of nature. Love love love.

(NOTE: May’s Full Moon, called Wesak Moon, is regarded as the most auspicious day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the celebration day of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Spiritual energies are considered by some to peak during full moons, and in Buddhist tradition the Wesak Moon is believed to be the most powerful.
Due to COVID-19, group Agnihotra gatherings may not be possible in some areas, due to local restrictions. Satsang encourages everyone to follow the precautions and procedures recommended for your area during COVID-19.–Ed)