On Humility From Shree Vasant's Teachings

There are times when it behooves us to be grateful, to respond to others in an humble way. If someone is angry with me–okay, let me think what I may have said or done to provoke anger in another person. Let me  go as far as to say, “Good, perhaps it was due to my own negligence or to some fault of my own.” Let me not blame the other person. Let me first forgive him, then react with love toward him. The only way to change the situation is by being full of love. If we permit ourselves to indulge in anger (and indulgence) then we limit ourselves in terms of understanding others and benefiting ourselves. So let us not fall prey to this anger. Let us understand. Let us humble ourselves. Whether or not we are right or wrong is not the issue. Whether we can maintain an attitude of love thy neighbor in any given circumstance is more the issue at hand. It begins with training and with effort it will come.