Message from Shree Vasant on Coronavirus

The following message from Shree Vasant was received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg in meditation.

February 4, 2020 Shree Vasant on Virus

During this initial incubation period of the sudden spread of Coronavirus, it may be advisable to refrain from international travel. Travel within Australia should be okay.

As with any international travel now it is advisable to take reasonable precautions.

If you are prone to infection or already have a compromised or weak immune system, then one suggestion would be to wear a protective mask if you must travel internationally.

As with all health care crises, whether created or a natural occurrence, precautions are always advisable.

What you can do to ensure better health is to strengthen immune systems via natural means, supplemental vitamins and minerals, and what is referred to now as the ‘super foods.’ And maintain a balanced, all organic vegetarian diet. Reduce fat intake and move toward developing alkaline diet.

Proper air and water, exercise of course.

If you give into fear, you actually weaken your immune system.

Make a clean sweep of your inner environment and see that no fear is allowed to stay. In its place, sow and nurture seeds of FAITH, Hope, Love and Compassion for all.
No need for panic. Stay focused.All love and blessings.
For international travel, particularly during this period when the latest virus is a threat, best to wear a mask for safety sake. Otherwise, have the option, don’t travel internationally.

If work entails such travel, be more careful to follow more stringent efforts at cleanliness and wear a mask. Then, apart from taking these simple precautions, don’t worry.

To be forewarned, you are thus forearmed , but never be fearful.

Be proactive, not overly reactive.

All love and blessings.