Agnihotra Helps Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Healing with Homa Therapy

Giri Bek and Govinda Yogi
Giri Bek and Govinda Yogi
Florida, U.S.A.
Giri Bek is a Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer, Certified in Yoga Nidra, Chakradance and Yoga of Recovery.
She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and an E-RYT 500, having completed her trainings in the Sivananda tradition. 
Govinda is a is a graduate of the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course, Transformational Breath Facilitator, Culinary Graduate, Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner. 
They offer private and group sessions, and retreats for healing and transformation.

Giri Bek
Sometimes Govinda and I have weekend retreats geared towards people in recovery or perhaps wanting to be in recovery. Many of the students have expressed that meditation was very challenging for them–that their minds were racing. They had difficulty calming down. One of the things that the students said helped the most was the Agnihotra fire. Afterwards, we spend some time in meditation. All of the students said their minds were so clear and calm and they were actually able to meditate.

In my own life, I have also found this to be true. I have been in recovery from addiction for over twenty-five years. I have had all kinds of addictions and mental health problems: alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and eating disorders. On this healing path, I have seen many people benefit from the healing of Agnihotra.

Govinda Yogi 
In my life I have felt so much healing energy flow from the Agnihotra pyramid, helping me with addiction and craving, to balance my day. My drug of choice was marijuana and I had this routine of abusing the drug. When doing the Agnihotra fire I was able to still have the fire and smoke, but on a much more positive level. The fire grounded me and cleared my mind, unlike when I would smoke marijuana, which clouded my mind and made me unbalanced. I’m very honored to be able to have Agnihotra on my path.

We moved to a property that had a lot of old fruit trees on it and there was one 20-year-old avocado tree. The tree was injured, and someone had tried saving it. They wrapped some foil tape around one of the big limbs. The tape had been on there for quite a long time. I took the tape off and realized that it wasn’t really healthy at all. I took ash from the Agnihotra fires that we were doing and I placed it on top of the wound. Within three months it looked a lot better. In about six months it was completely healed, and the tree was starting to produce. It hadn’t produced in many, many years. There were about a hundred avocados growing!