News from Fivefold Path Mission, Maheshwar, India

Sarvajit Paranjpe

Sarvajit Paranjpe demonstrates Agnihotra for the school.

On Oct 3, 2019, we visited a school at Bilwari village run by an organization Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta Shakti Peeth, Kendra Kurukshetra. They have more than eighty students. The group focuses on social and spiritual development along with education.


Farmers from villages near Dewas, Madhya Pradesh State area visited us to learn Homa Farming. The visit was organized by CARD, an NGO which works in that area, working in the fields of social and agricultural development. Agnihotra and the importance of Homa Therapy were demonstrated to the farmers.

Farmers also learned about ‘Prakriti Vana- Nature’s Forest,’ which can be easily implemented at the village level. CARD representative Shri. Ankit Mathur was very supportive of the idea and agreed to provide the necessary resources.