On Homa Therapy Farming From Shree Vasant's Teachings

If a Yajnya is going on all the 24 hours in proximity to a garden, that in itself is an effective aid to insect control. The atmosphere becomes saturated with ghee and the plants are able to manufacture a protective coating due to a special chemical combination in their chemical makeup interacting with the ghee absorbed by the plants by breathing. The Yajnya atmosphere also creates something intangible that permits this situation to occur which is based on the vibrational content of the atmosphere due to the Mantras going on all the time.

When growing plants in Agnihotra atmosphere, do not necessarily expect the plants themselves to become large. Instead observe the size, quality and appearance of the vegetables, fruit or flowers. All the energy of the plant goes towards yield as by performance of Yajnya we make the plants happy.

Lettuce, the vegetable, grown in Homa atmosphere, possesses great healing and revitalizing properties.