Self Study From Shree Vasant's Teachings

Jealousy stems from our own insecurity. That need not be. Let us always say simply, “God, Thy will be done.”

Let us not be upset over trying situations that incur jealousy, envy or deceit. As much as we want something or someone, that is as much the cause of our misery. Let it go. Let go of this fierce tiger of desire. If it [that which you desire] comes, let it come. Otherwise, let us not allow these situations to cause us pain. Let us not fix happiness on momentary gratification of desires. Let first come this purity. Let us become full of love in our actions. Then simply all other things can come more easily. Let it go. Then it is more likely to come back to us of its own accord.

Let us use reason to combat emotion. If we try to conquer emotion with emotion, it is like putting out a blaze with a matchstick. If anything, it will only add to the fire.