Orion on Centre of Light

Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Jordanow, Poland

The view from Centre of Light including the Tatra Mountains in the background, which separate Poland and Slovakia.

As we embark on the next phase of manifesting Centre of Light here at Bhrugu Aranya, the power and Grace that are manifesting at the same time become more apparent. We are humbled by the opportunity, the blessing to serve many people whose lives are in need of the transformative energies of the healing fires. As we move in this world, we are stunned by the sheer magnitude of suffering and yearning in ordinary people we meet. Everywhere.

Our fervent wish is to provide a place of refuge and sanctuary where people can come and receive the healing energies that are so strong here at Bhrugu Aranya, and to learn ways to cope with the world, through the power of Fire, Love and this phenomenal path of Grace.

Here are a few messages which came from Orion over recent years, on Centre of Light.

With love,

Beautiful view of the Mandala garden and magnificent Tatra mountains from Centre of Light. 
“Yes, yes. This Centre of Light is to provide sanctuary, refuge for coming times.
“It is not just another centre, but one which was called for, one which has been guided for this specific time and place.
“This Centre of Light will be the point where interplanetary communication will be most strong, where profound healing abilities reach from the bowels of the Earth to the heavens. This is not a normal Centre here. Create it.
“A wholistic Centre of Light is just that—one which appeals to and serves beings from all walks of life.
“There will be need for healing on all levels. There will be need for comfort and solace, peace and rejuvenation. This place will afford this. Of course, ultimately this Centre of Light will be a gathering point where beings can receive healing just by being present for Agnihotra and other healing fires.
“Yes, yes. Should there be any question about the validity of your purpose in creating such a Centre of Light, let that question be laid to rest for all times. This is a crucial time during which many will seek Light. There will be many in need of solace, so do not think it will be simply a ‘seminar centre.’ It will be much more a healing centre than you now realize.
“Those of you with healing skills and marketable healing products will be put to good use at such a Centre of Light. No one will realize their full potential until given an opportunity and an incomparable venue in which to manifest that opportunity.
“In near future, many will be turning toward vegetarian diet for health reasons. They will have no idea how to cook or how to balance their diet. This will be a place where they can come to learn such necessary life skills.
Organic gourmet vegetarian cuisine served here. Vegetarian/vegan cooking classes also offered. 
“Now, the fires themselves are increasing in power and healing energy. Those who come here will feel as though they entered a heavenly abode! This is due to the increase in healing energies in these simple HOMAS you perform so regularly. What an amazing site, complete with 24-hour fires on New and Full Moons. And four to five hours of continuous Yajnya daily, and daily sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.
“In the world outside your door, you can see how incredible this must appear to others who live in constant state of stress and misery, of anxiety, worry and pain.
“Yes, yes. This Centre of Light is to provide sanctuary, refuge for coming times. We see it standing. We see nothing standing in the way of full manifestation of planned Centre.
“All fires performed in this healing atmosphere here will have magnetic energy and effects multiplied. At such a site where Vedic healing fires have been maintained for over 24 years, the atmosphere is thus super-charged.”
Agnihotra in the Mandala Garden.

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