Now Man Has to Give From Shree Vasant's Teachings

(from the April 19, 1979 issue of Satsang)
When western man looks at what technology has done to his beautiful planet and hence to himself, he will start trembling. Insects are on the move, migrating and transmigrating. Nature is all mixed up. She does not know what she is doing. A point has come where something has to give. It is man. Man has taken; now man has to give. All the nutrients and balance that have been robbed from nature must be replaced now.

We will now begin to hear reports from various parts that the simple honey bee becomes extinct. Can you imagine what this will be, what this will do to the balance of nature? Can you imagine the effect this will have on crops? Terrible. Do Agnihotra and yield at least double the crops. Honey bees will thrive in this atmosphere.