Two Special Purpose Yajnyas in Maheshwar

Sarvajit Paranjpe
Maheshwar, India

The ancient science of bio-energy given through Vedas describes certain energy processes which have the power to effect a change in the functioning of PRANA (life-force which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos). These energy processes come under the category of YAJNYA.

AGNIHOTRA, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, is the basic YAJNYA which any person can perform with only a little effort. For the average person, this simple sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is powerful and brings many benefits.

However, there are also more complex Yajnyas that may be conducted to accomplish specific things. There are Yajnyas to be done at the juncture of two seasons when there is a climate change. There are medicinal Yajnyas (HOMAS).

These special purpose Yajnyas can require highly trained personnel to perform them. For example, it would take an intelligent young person about twelve years to learn to properly carry out a Somayag. Those who perform these special Yajnyas begin their training in childhood.

Two special purpose Vedic Yajnyas were held at the Homa Therapy Goshala of Fivefold Path Mission, Maheshwar, India, this winter.

Sautramani Yag
Sautramani Yag was peacefully conducted from 26-28th December 2018. People from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal participated in the Yajnya.

Arrival of the sacred fire, carried by Yajaman D. Achal Apte , along with his wife Bhakti and son.






Abhay Paranjpe, president of Fivefold Path Mission, with wife Anjali, carrying the sacred fire.



From right, opening ceremony with Sarvajit Paranjpe, wife Asmita and daughter Ishwari.
From left, display inside the shala of images of Lord Parshuram, Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, Maharaj Shree’s wife Sarada Mata (Vahini), and Shree Vasant Paranjpe.

Sautramani Yajnya (Day 1 and 2)
Sautramani is performed to strengthen and protect ourselves by conserving the dissipated energies. ‘Su’ means Good and ‘Traman’ means Protection.

The purpose of this Yajnya is to strengthen the energies of abdominal fire and sense organs. These are the two important factors through which we get energy for the body to survive and for mind to perceive the world.

Our energies are dissipating through our bad habits of lifestyle and attitudes.

At the physical level, it is mainly our  abdominal fire which digests our food as per Ayurveda–and digestion is one of the most important processes of our body upon which our survival depends. So, strengthening of our abdominal fire is very crucial for our living–ultimately our healthy living. It is this which keeps us energized.

It is through our sense organs that we perceive our world. If the sense organs are healthy, strong and pure, only then we will be able to perceive and react to the world in a right and loving way.

Strengthening and purifying  abdominal fire and sense organs will lead us to a harmonious life of fulfillment. This Yanjya is an indication to strengthen these.

It reminds us that we need to be strong and protect ourselves in this endeavor towards Light, and for that we need to make efforts to conserve and unite our energies.

All living organisms shall get what is needed so ultimately it would lead them to contentment and harmony. This would lead them to the higher goal of Self Surrender and Realization.

The Rutvijas (priests trained to perform Yajnyas such as this one.)
Making offerings.
As in Somayag and other special purpose Yajnyas, a variety of materials and vessels are used.

Mitra Vinda (Day 3)
‘Mitra’ means Friendship. ‘Vinda’ means To Engross. It is a prayer and reminder to all of us that we all shall walk together engrossed in a spirit of friendship towards our goal of fulfillment in harmony and peace.

From the time we are alive, we will be living with people. We also need a lot of help from the people and we also help people. So, for a peaceful atmosphere we need compassion and friendship.

During the Sautramani Yag, attendees performed Agnihotra together in the shala.

Group Agnihotra in the shala.

Nakshatra Yajnya
A Nakshatra Yajnya was successfully performed from January 17th to 21st. It was attended by people from India, Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Japan, Australia, and North and South America.

The Nakshatra Yajnya drew people from around the globe.
Agnihotra teacher and yoga teacher Myra Lewin carrying the sacred fire upon its arrival at the Goshala.

For the first three days, different offerings were given separately.

This Yajnya means that we need to put aside our differences and work in a united spirit. It is a reminder to all of us that we will be living with people, and if we want to live we need a spirit of friendship to be with others. For a good and strong friendship we need an attitude of service, acceptance, trust and forgiveness.

We all may have superior talents, but we need to work together in one way or another. We need to harness all our energies towards one common goal.

We need to understand that ‘WE’ matters more than ‘I.’

Prakriti Ishti
1. Agni–It is for all the harmony within the whole galaxy which is around the Sun.

2. Agni Shoma—Harmony in the movements and functioning of Sun and Moon. And they shall get their energy, so they can function well.

3.  Indraya Vaimrudha—All the living organisms—trees, animals and birds etc. shall get whatever is required to satisfy their needs so they can exist happily with each other. And we also say that one shall get whatever is right for them. As in Nakshatra Yag we prayed for different things. But now we are surrendering those to the Divine Will. This means all of us shall receive said things only if it is Divine Will and not because we say so.

4.  Swistha Kruta—To seek forgiveness for all the troubles and obstacles created by us and progress towards the nature, animals and birds etc. Here we seek blessings to do the Yajnyas again and again and we also confirm that we will reduce actions which destroy the natural life rhythms and life forms.

Mitra Vinda followed.

Yajaman D. Achal Apte, right, discusses the Nakshatra Yajnya with students from Adarsh College, in Dhamnod, about 30 minutes drive from the Homa Therapy Goshala.

On several evenings, after the hours of Yajnya had been completed, people from various countries performed songs and music for those present, as a cultural sharing.

Klaus Wilhelm from Austria performs original music for the group.
As during the Sautramani Yag, attendees performed group Agnihotra in the shala. 



Special thanks to the cooks and those who helped during the Yajnya.