Healing with Homa Therapy

Shikha Sharma Chaturvedi
Westend, Delhi, India

I am 38 years old. I like to share my experience with Homa Therapy. Yesterday was my first time that we practiced Agnihotra. I took some of the Agnihotra ash home. My youngest son is 4 years old and he had a terrible viral infection in the throat. He had much pain. So, last night I gave him just a pinch of the Agnihotra ash and this morning he was fully recovered! I did not see the need to give him even one dose of the regular medicine. So, I definitely want to continue this every day of my life!

We are living in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. Almost every week, I suffered from allergy problems and had to take medication. So, yesterday, when I entered the Agnihotra session, I had come with shooting pain and something like a lump in the throat. While I was inhaling the Agnihotra smoke, the pain began to go away. And as soon as I had just one pinch of this Agnihotra ash, the pain left me completely, and it has not returned. So, I hope with the Agnihotra practice I do not have to take more medication.

Monk Chen
Acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Medicine and
Homa Therapist
Huanuco, Peru, South America

I have 19 years of experience with acupuncture and I have 4 years with Homa Therapy. I have seen many changes, profound, tremendous changes. I had to do generally 10, 12 sessions of acupuncture on many patients before knowing Homa Therapy. But when I started to practice the Homa fires, many patients were healed in just one session. I repeat, this was a very deep change, very strong and very powerful.

My treatments usually were every other day, and in the beginning of Homa Therapy I was worried, because the patients did not come back. But suddenly, more new patients arrived, recommended by them!

The Homa technique increased the potentiality of the treatment of the acupuncture needles. Now patients come even from other countries and other provinces. Sometimes I work until 11 or 12 at night.

As we practice Agnihotra daily, the herbs I use for treatments increase their natural healing power by being exposed to the energy field of Homa Therapy.

When I arrived in Huánuco, 2 years ago, I rented a large office which had a garden in the backyard and this garden was dry. I sat down to do sunset Agnihotra and then I spread the ash to each plant and spoke to them telling them that I love them and that they will be beautiful, precious and strong. And so, it was.

On the next day, there was some rain and they flowered beautifully and had bright shining leaves. Once again, I welcomed them by saying how beautiful they were and they would be even much better. And we continued to do Agnihotra for the good of all nature. Agnihotra helps many things, not just plants.