On Desires From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

One need not feel bad that one has desires. Put all focus on work and serving others. Let the desires come and go as thoughts during a meditation. Do not hold onto each longing. Then tendency is to focus on being unfulfilled. Never mind fulfilled or unfulfilled. Fulfill others. Then the LOVE comes.

Concentration should not be on “finding one’s mate.” Certainly it is normal need of man and woman, but focus should first be on, “How can I be full of Love and what service can I give today?” Only today. Even if one has big work to do, like starting Agni Farms, writing books, giving talks, the most important time to be full of love and concentrate on service is NOW. This very moment. One can say, for example, that it is too difficult for me to live in the city so when I move to the country I will be full of love. Until then I can plan this move, but I cannot be full of love. Being full of love does not depend on one’s location or one’s physical condition. The physical body becomes healed by the energy of love. So let us begin this “Love thy neighbor as thyself” now. Not tomorrow. There may not be a tomorrow. The moment is precious and irreplaceable. Let us start now. Where there is love everything can grow. Everything is possible. All needs are looked after–either lifted or fulfilled. Where there is love, there is contentment and joy. All of you have felt it. All of you have experienced it. Why not inculcate such an attitude all the time? It is not only possible now for all of you today who practice Agnihotra and meditation, but it is already in your hands. Just a little effort and the love is activated.