Healing with Homa Therapy

Dr. Luis Carriel with his wife Sarita

Dr. Luis Carriel
Medical Technologist and Naturopath
Homa Center “La Zenaida”
Vinces, Ecuador, South America

At the Homa Center ‘La Zenaida’, we are now in the 12th year of practicing and teaching the Homa Therapy basic fires.

Four months ago, I had a patient who had had open heart surgery 17 years ago. This patient suffered from fibrillation, a kind of tachycardia that caused the coagulation factors to increase.


The cardiologist prescribed for him a blood thinner, which he had to take one tablet a day for the rest of his life.

After two months of participating in Agnihotra and consuming its ash daily, the fibrillation disappeared and the doctor reduced the dose by half.

Today, this patient, who used to have dark circles around his eyes and who could not sleep because of the tachycardia, spent Christmas and New Year happily with the family.
He comes every three days to the Homa Center to participate in Homa Therapy.
He now takes the medication only sporadically.

Another patient, my neighbor, had a problem with the heart valve. She was to undergo open heart surgery. Her relatives had made arrangements with the group of ladies of the consular to do the surgery. She was also cured with Homa Therapy, without the need of an operation.

A 10-year-old girl with a heart murmur, recovered completely in two months.

Another patient, with tricuspid valve damage, regenerated and did not need an open heart surgery.

These are very beautiful and amazing experiences. Homa Therapy works excellently and every day I see more “MIRACLES”.

Dr. Carriel, left, with Mrs. Castro.

Lourdes Mercy Cabello Castro
Vinces, Ecuador,
South America

I am 59 years old. I have suffered from arthritis for one year. My whole body
hurt and I could not move.

The doctors sent me anti-inflammatory medicines, but they did not help me.
I could not sleep even for a minute. The situation was horrible. My body was very swollen and I did not want to eat.

In this condition, I came to Dr. Carriel and with the Fires of Homa Therapy and taking its ash, my recovery began. I attended every day and in less than a week I could sleep well. The pains went away little by little and the swelling came down. Now I also eat well, and I feel better and better.

Dr. Carriel explains some more details:
Mrs. Lourdes brought me her medical history with all the exams performed. She was on the verge of a paralysis, because she already had rheumatic fever. Her fingers started to deform, and she suffered from a general decalcification. In one segment of an arm and in the ribs there was practically no more calcium.
The column showed -1.2 in the densitometry scale and she had intense pains, to such an extent that she could hardly get into the truck. To bend her knee, she cried and screamed heavily. She even had asked God to take her away.

Now you can see her walking.
The most serious thing was that the c-reactive protein was 110 mg. The top value is 5 mg – the maximum. That means that there was an explosion of cells. With the Homa treatment this has been gradually lowered and at this moment her c-reactive protein is 28.9.

She has now had 3 months of Homa Therapy and taking the Agnihotra ash, and she is in absolute recovery.

I also have her use a few drops of Cat’s Claw essential oil for the pains.

She has a traditional cattle farm, using natural fodder, without concentrates, and she provides us with the dried cow dung for the Homa Fires.