Healing with Homa Therapy

Daniel Raimundo Pailla
Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain

I worked hard and a lot. I always attended people, even outside of my work schedule. At the same time, I was trying to help my nephew to collect funds for a necessary operation.  At that time, I went from 72 kgs down to 58 kgs. I had lost muscle mass and I was completely exhausted.

One day, I told my mother, “I can’t give anything more. What can I do?” I had overwhelming stress and I carried a load too big.

My mother recommended that I see Christa and Ricardo Mena and learn about the Healing Fires. I went to visit them and they taught me Homa Therapy. With its practice, I began to regain my energy. I felt the connection with nature and the stress began to disappear. I began to recover and I am still grateful for this.

If one feels the Fire in the heart, one just has to surrender. When we question things, we get stuck. The Homa Fire is a jewel and it is in synchronicity with nature. It is shared at zero cost. There is nothing in the world like it. It is a priceless energy. Thousands of Euros in our pockets cannot buy it. I am very happy that this Fire came to me.