On the State of At-one-ment and the New Year

The following messages from Shree Vasant were received in meditation by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg. 

October 31, 2017 Shree On State of At-one-ment
All these great personalities gracing spiritual path, each one thinking he is the one. That self-importance is the only obstacle which stands in the way of reaching that state of AT-ONE-MENT, where one truly experiences ‘I and my Father are One.” As long as one thinks he has reached that stage, it is highly likely not the case.

One can experience states of euphoria even by chanting sacred Mantras. One can fall into deep reverie and arise from meditation feeling renewed and rejuvenated. But that real state where one is fully immersed in Divine is rare, and in that state, the ‘I’ disappears in the ‘ONE.’

One thus experiences no separation, no division, no veil—however thin—between oneself and Almighty. That goes beyond euphoria. Once that state is reached, one is so fortunate to be able to navigate through life and still maintain that blissful state of consciousness.

Be blissfully unaware of what stage you have reached. Do not even think about it. Continue to serve. Continue to devote your life in service to Almighty. Let one hand not know what the other hand does.

Walk in Light.

All blessings to all.


New Year’s Message, January 1, 2018 Shree
These are the times foretold in Bible, in ancient holy texts from all religions.

These are times of great darkness and times of great illuminating Light.
Keep your focus on the Light.
Be aware of the darkness, vigilant in face of danger.
But always focus on the Light.

The greatest tool has been given you, the FIRE.
The power to heal, to cleanse and purify air, water, soil—
all this in simple Agnihotra.

Now more than ever, refuse to be drawn into conflict, fear or anxiety.
Always, in light of the fire, solutions will be found.

Every thought is known, expressed or not expressed.
Every call is heard.

Never at any time are you to feel alone.
Once the hand is held, it is always so.

Walk in Light.
Be unburdened.

All Our love and blessings always be with you.