Healing with Homa Therapy–Two Doctors Speak

Dr. Alejandro Gonzáles Rodrígues

Dr. Alejandro Gonzáles Rodrígues
Cáceres, Spain, Europe
I am a Naturopathic Doctor and often do Homa Therapy in my practice. There was a case with a patient, an elderly lady, Joaquina, whom I had treated for some ailments. One day, she came to my office and asked if I have something for a fungus on her leg that did not let her walk, which hurt and she could not touch it. She said that she had tried everything, that she went also to a dermatologist and that she could not find any solution.

It came to my mind that I could give her Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee to see what was going to happen. I did not know if it would work or not. So, I took the Agnihotra ash and mixed it with ghee and gave her this black cream. After four days she called me and said, “Alejandro, saintly brother, my pain has gone, it has been taken away.”

Always when I give a course, I incorporate the teaching of Homa Therapy. Once there was a man who also had the Agnihotra pyramid and he told us his healing story. He said that he had been very much into drugs. He was an addict, and that Agnihotra has been the only thing that got him out.

I was surprised because I did not expect it. Homa Therapy can serve for many things. Its spectrum of action is very broad.

Dr. Jaime Montufar
The Good Shepherd Medical Homa Center
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Some time ago, at the Social Security Institute (state hospital), it was discovered that Mrs. Mesa had 15 meningiomas (5 large and 10 small tumors) in her head. She came suffering from severe headaches and other problems. : Currently, she has had 2 months with Homa Therapy treatment. She is consistent with the practice of the Homa Fires and she has her own Agnihotra kit. She can relate, in her own words, how far she has recovered, as before she had a lot of headaches, suffered from stress, could not drive due to her blurry vision, etc., precisely because the tumors were pressing that part of the brain. Now she is completely different.

Dr. Montufar and Mrs. Mesa

María Eleonor Mesa Tovar:
I am 41 years old. My problem started four years ago. I suffered from pain in my left eye and I was always stressed out and I felt bad. I did not pay attention to these symptoms and I did not visit a doctor. In June 2016, I got worse. The pain increased so much and my head started to pound. I could not sleep. So, I had an MRI done and the doctors detected meningiomas in different parts of the brain. All the doctors told me that I had to have surgery–one operation for each meningioma. And they were so many! I felt that I was never going to endure so many operations. The doctors also warned me that I could remain in a coma. I decided not to have surgery. I preferred to try natural medicines.

I had never heard of Homa Therapy, till a friend talked to me about it and I decided to come to Dr. Montufar’s Medical Homa Center.

Now I have had almost 2 and a half months of attending Agnihotra every day, and I really feel great. I no longer feel that my head is pounding and lately my headache has disappeared. I sleep very well and wake up relaxed. I can drive the car again and I am no longer nervous. I am improving step by step. Now, I can do all my daily tasks.

Thank God, I’m here and I continue with Homa Therapy. I do the Agnihotra in the morning at home and I come to the clinic of Dr. Jaime in the afternoons from Monday to Friday to practice Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa. I take Agnihotra ash 2 to 3 times a day. All my family and friends say that they have noticed positive changes in me.