Somayag–Part IV

The Somayag Committee, Bruce Johnson and Ed.

A Review of the First Six Somayags, Continued

The sixth Somayag in the series of seven was the Atiratra Somayag. This particular Somayag
specifically injects nutrition and healing into the atmosphere especially for night creatures
and the darkness itself.

The Atiratra Somayag was performed from February 3-8th, 2015. Deekshit Achal Apte was the Yajaman.

(From left, seated) Bhakti (the Patni, wife of the Yajaman), Yajaman Achal Apte and their son Sudaksha at the opening ceremony. The blessed items shown on the small table were placed around the Yajnya shala in an energetic clearing of the space.


The Soma, in a white cloth bundle, is freshened regularly by the Rutviks.


Churning fresh fire through friction–a labor-intensive process.



Celebrating with dancing and drumming, on the way to the Narmada River for bath at the conclusion of the Somayag.
Yajaman Achal blesses participants with water from the Narmada. Before the bath, many implements used in the Somayag are thrown into the river, thus charging the water with energy from the Somayag.

To be continued.