More from The Orion Transmissions on Somayag

February 3, 2010
Yes. Yes. Sublime energy vortex created here. Lines of energy are emanating from this vortex on the sacred land by the River Narmada. These lines intersect around the globe.

Much power has been released here. It will facilitate not only the goal of UNITY, BROTHERHOOD, SISTERHOOD and the universal goal of PEACE,  but it will transform each and every being who attended this event with intention.

With intention. It is important that you state your intention and that you stay focused upon it. Catalytic events like this SOMAYAG  on sacred ground cannot “happen” without sincere intent by the human element! So you, each of you, have an active-not inactive-role to play in manifesting the intention. This year there was an overwhelming call for UNITY. As the great Master had spoken, UNITY is the result.

Continue, all of you, to manifest UNITY. This is the energy required now to effect MASS HEALING on a world scale. Yes. And it is time for it.

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