Centre of Light 2017 Campaign Begins!

Dear Global Homa Family,
Many of you are aware of the Centre of Light project that is underway here at
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. On May 17 th, 2015 we broke ground on the site
where this large centre is being built, and after having completed the foundations
and basement, we are now raising funds for the next phase which will include the
skeletal structure and roof. After that we can give natural clay building workshops to
finish the shell and interior walls.

The Centre of Light is a project that began under the guidance of Shree Vasant, in
order to better fulfill the purpose of Bhrugu Aranya, one of the three Points of Light on
the planet. At such a site where Vedic healing fires have been maintained for over
twenty years, the rarefied atmosphere is super-charged. We have created an oasis
where the healing atmosphere is tangible, and in these difficult times more and more
people are finding solace and deep healing here.

Because of the tenacity and strong sense of purpose from our group of community
members over the years, Bhrugu Aranya has become a vibrant, living example of
sustainable Homa Organic culture and a magnet and inspiration for visitors from all
over the world.

All of us at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya regard ourselves as stewards of this sacred
land, and feel honored to have the opportunity to bring Shree Vasant’s vision to

Until now, we have managed to serve the needs of the visiting global community with
just one log main house, a two-room guest cabin and several caravans. However,
requests for healing, training in Homa Therapy, visits and retreats have quadrupled.

The Centre of Light will allow us to better serve the growing number of people that
are coming here. It will provide a safe haven, as well as a venue for healers, artists
and Light workers to share their gifts for all.

A major shift on all levels is occurring on our beloved planet and this shift is
accelerating dramatically. These times have been foretold by many cultures across
many ages. They are times of rapid change and upheaval, but also of great renewal
and movement toward the Light. The Centre of Light will be a place of refuge where
people can come and learn how to survive the coming times, where they can learn
how to move toward a sustainable way of living on Earth.

You will be able to experience:

  • The unique atmosphere and healing effects of Agnihotra  and Homa Therapy
  • Homa Organic Gardening, Beekeeping and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Self-Development Workshops
  •  Living in an Ecovillage and being a part of an intentional Homa community
  •  Yoga and Meditation for health and stress relief
  • Identifying and collecting herbs and wild edible plants, for healing and nutrition
  • Fire & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
  • Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Food for wellness and rejuvenation
  • Creative Arts for Self-expression
  • Mandala Art Therapy
  • Music Workshops – Medicine for the Soul
  • Classes in Traditional Crafts & Skills
  • Plus a myriad of interesting workshops given by international leaders in sustainability
    and Mind, Body, and Spirit work.

We are now asking you, our global community of family and friends, for much-
needed donations to continue the work. Contractors are due to start the next phase
by the end of July. We are deeply grateful for all the generous donations that have
helped us reach this point, and now we need to raise 90,000 USD to be able to
achieve our next goal.

We deeply appreciate your help to fulfill this vision. Please click here to donate to our Centre of Light cause.

With gratitude and love,
Parvati, Jarek, Ulrich, Barry, Rory, Asia, Jacob, Katy, Suwindi, Maria, Jessica


Any amount is welcome!

FOR THOSE IN THE U.S. who would like to make tax-deductible contributions:
Donations from the U.S. (or from U.S. bank accounts) may be made by check, money order, or online by PayPal, using a credit card or PayPal card. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law. www.agnihotra.org. Please note,”FOR COL POLAND” when donating online.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to Fivefold Path, Inc. and may be mailed to:  Fivefold Path, Inc.
278 N. White Oak Drive.
Madison, VA 22727 U.S.A.

Please note “For COL POLAND” on your check or money order.

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