More on Somayag from The Orion Transmissions 

as received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

December 7, 2007
Many Eternals will be present at the Somayag in India. There is a great influx of healing energies being harnessed for the planet’s survival. We foresee great disasters and natural catastrophes as many have predicted. However, the SOUND CURRENT  will be sent from Maheshwar for the whole planet, to enliven the atmosphere and create a vortex of Light to heal the Earth. No one knows what to expect. We know that in the coming times, many will be drawn to the Light. This is beginning now.

Prepare your homes to receive the Light. In all homes where these fires are performed, there will be Light sent. At many sacred sites, it is the element of fire which is required now to activate the energies lying dormant within the Earth. This is being done now, many times via distance.

The outcome of such healing events as this Somayag will be felt across the globe. When the Mantras are uttered, sudden shifts in atmosphere occur on every level. Plants, water, air, human beings, animals are all energized by the power of the Mantras and the elemental fire being performed in complete purity. When a great Master is also present, the energies are super-charged just by His presence at the event.

Anyone who is present at such a life-altering event will receive blessings of the highest level. We see that many will come forward from this event alone.

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