Healing with Homa Therapy

Compiled by Homa Therapy teachers Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan

Dilip Palakaladinna at ‘Casa Picaflores’

Dilip Palakaladinna
Chicago, IL, USA
during his visit in Rio Blanco, 
Puerto Rico, Caribbean
I am visiting with my wife Keerthi ‘Casa Picaflores’. I have been doing Yoga since my childhood, with occasional breaks, but now I am more steady with it and meditation.

I came to know about Agnihotra when I called Mrs. Barbara Rogers to make the reservation. Then I investigated Homa Therapy through internet.

I ordered my Agnihotra kit and its practice has helped me a lot with my meditations. It helps me to focus and it has normalized a lot of pressure I had in work and otherwise. It neutralized any depressive thoughts.

More importantly, it has improved my teamwork with my colleagues. I started sharing more knowledge and more work. It has given me more collaborative and innovative ideas.
It has improved my out-of-the-box thinking. I am more outgoing now as compared to before. Agnihotra has a healing effect and its vibratory powers go around my home and I can feel its energy that is going into my nerves and veins.

Cesar Augusto Aguilar Obando

Cesar Augusto Aguilar Obando
Piura, Peru, South America
I am 61 years old. My health is very good with Homa Therapy.

Before, I was unbalanced regarding my health. I suffered a pre-heart attack, and I took many pills. Every day I took between 6 and 7 pills. I had high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and high blood pressure, among other things. When I heard of this therapy, I came with my wife who was also with poor health.

At the moment of Agnihotra, I felt something changing in my body! We have been doing Agnihotra constantly in the Ñari Walac Foundation or at home with my family for one month. I am not taking any more pills, except the one for blood pressure. Now I am in good health.