Healing with Homa Therapy

Torn Achilles tendon heals
In June 2014, I tore my Achilles tendon. Three months later, I was at a
doctor’s appointment concerning medication for my high blood pressure.
When he saw how I was walking, he sent me to do an MRI scan. My Achilles
tendon was torn 3cm. The doctor gave me a referral to have an operation done,
because as he tried to explain, it would be impossible for the tendon to naturally
re-attach to where it had been torn.

I decided to use natural methods such as comfrey balm, which I
applied until January 2015, when I learned about the Agnihotra and
Monika Koch’s recipes (Homa Therapy , The Ancient Science of Healing.)
After a few weeks of practicing Agnihotra and applying a balm made from
the Agnihotra ash and ghee, I very quickly noticed an improvement and
felt like the tendon was re-attaching. My right leg has since resumed
normal functioning.

Cat’s character changes from remote to friendly
When I began doing Agnihotra in our backyard, we had a cat and dog. The
cat never allowed anyone to pat her, but as soon as I began to set up for the
fire, the cat would approach and remain close until I finished. We noticed
that the cat had become more mellow and would allow us to pat her, and
that it was almost as though she was asking us to perform Agnihotra.

Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Crush wound heals quickly and pain healed immediately
Recently the car door was accidentally slammed shut on my right hand,
crushing my middle finger. In a moment, the blood began to seep out. I
rested my finger against a bottle of frozen water and used a band-aid to
stem the blood flow. When I arrived home and took the band-aid off, I
applied the Agnihotra ash on it and replaced the band-aid. Immediately all
pain left and in two days I could remove the band-aid. It healed
unbelievably quickly.